Doughy pizzas, fragrant sauces, tender pasta… Visiting Italy is when you leave your diet at home to feast on carbonara and that extra glass of prosecco. But vacations aren’t be […]

In the homeland of salo, where non-meat-eaters can still be greeted with incomprehension, plant-based dining options are steadily growing in number. This summer, a newcomer has joined their ranks: FenKHel, […]

What might draw your imagination to Italy’s third largest municipality, Naples? I remember the south of Italy like a warm breeze, with the freshest seafood, the lemon trees, the classic […]

Chicken Kyiv is a must for anyone visiting or living in this city. Though not a traditional Ukrainian dish (it was created by French chefs working in Russia for the […]

Kyiv street food culture is rapidly developing, as the frenetic rhythm of the big city dictates its own rules. Locals work a lot, participate in various activities and, of course, […]

A hotel, a rooftop bar, an experience Extravagance. Luxury. A treat. This is what springs to mind upon entrance to the 11 Mirrors Design Hotel. The theme continues as the […]

Among the newest of Ukr-restos in Kyiv, 100 Rokiv Tomu Vpered is open, but without the pomp and grandeur. What they lack in ceremony however they will test in stereotype. […]

Officially opening its doors on 18 April, this restaurant knows a thing or two about “cured slabs of fatback”, and their menu is complete with a history and dictionary for […]

It’s a Thursday night and there’s already the smell of spring in the air in Kyiv. We walk slowly on one of the of the oldest streets in the city. […]

Since its recent opening in January, The Cinematographer’s Party cocktail bar has been known as a gathering point for the city’s creatives. We wanted to find out what makes TCP […]

Yizh or їж (or їzh) literally translates from Ukrainian to English as eating. The Golden Gate of Kyiv, it’s where Yaroslav the Wise hung up his hat and declared the […]

Classic films from the silver screen feature dapper gents and elegant ladies, made all the more so with a cocktail in their hand. With a nearly never-ending stream of sips […]

There is a well-known saying that goes ‘home is where the heart is’, but we also know that the best way to the heart is through the stomach. Previously known […]

It’s a Thursday evening. There is no getting into this venue without calling first, and even then I’m shown to a bar table facing the window. This massive piece of […]

Born as Vernissage in Andriivskiy Descent, reborn as Frenchie nestling near the hectic Lvivska Square, this restaurant is now opening another, no less exciting, chapter in its life. Under the […]

Borsch, varenyky, horilka, and the proverbial salo. Vulgar or iconic, they are world-known hits of the national menu. However, even with a modern twist, they do not reflect the country’s […]

Natalia Kurtyak and Lana Nicole Niland A new venue has opened in Kyiv, bringing together socially like-minded individuals together. It’s called Urban Space 500 and its menu is as refreshing […]

HANGOVER Hrushevskoho 3a Champagne Twist (rum, caramel syrup, prosecco) – 150 ml Gingerhead (rum, amaro montenegro, cinnamon syrup, cocktail cherry, bamboo leaf) – 200 ml Sour Rabbit (Finlandia Lime, passion […]