11-17 June TIME BAR (Tupikova 31/2a) Martini Bianco & Tonic / Martini Rosso & Tonic Snack set – 220g: black cod in bacon with broccoli Pacific – Oysters & Wine […]

4-10 June Mulberry (Shovkovychna 13/2) Martini Bianco & Tonic / Martini Rosso & Tonic Snack set – 225 g: assorted bruschetta (mini caprese, Camembert with onion jam, prosciutto with sun-dried […]

The once-humble Danish ‘bread-and-butter’, smørrebrød – simple or complex but invariably mouth-watering – has been transformed into a masterpiece even high profile restaurants are looking to gladly offer to clientele. […]

Need help getting you party pants on? These top six venues in the Ukrainian capital will be sure to whet your whistle and get you nice and warmed up for […]

It’s a new restaurant serving up duzhe smachno Ukrainian fare, the name of which is the local variant – Sho, and is quite apropos This is no small venue; in […]

Cocktail Week – the festival of breakfasts, comes to Kyiv 23-29 April, featuring 16 fabulous bars in the city, featuring four fabulous cocktails at an incredible price of just 300 […]

Have you ever considered food as meditation for your body, mind, and soul? Manu, a high-profile restaurant, makes it possible, taking your notion of culinary experiments to a whole new […]

A typical old Podil facade, retro-style lamps hanging out into the street, and a heavy black door – looks intriguing enough to drop in. It’s Barcode bar and What’s On […]

BreakFEST – the festival of breakfasts, comes to Kyiv 2 to 15 April, featuring 10 fabulous restaurants in the city, which are giving 30% discounts to special menu items! Thanks […]

From 26 March 26 to 1 April, RestoWeek is featuring the GastroFamily with sets for just 300 UAH care of the Borisov chain of restaurants. Featuring 12 different sets (entrée […]

It’s a frosty morning crossing Mezhyhirska street where I am trying not to turn into an icicle myself. Two big pink HUMs create the singular Hum:Hum, where I think it […]

That is the premise behind this NYC-style speakeasy-type venue in the heart of Kyiv. And so, one Friday evening on the second day of spring, I take on the falling […]

Red is a colour of power and passion. It excites the emotions, evokes sensuality, and stimulates an appetite for an adventure. Touch Café brings it all to the table while […]

Drinking coffee and grabbing a bite to eat has ceased to be just meeting a physical need for those that need a pick-me-up in the morning or throughout the day. […]

Once the Mediterranean-flavoured Belvedere, now Guramma has emerged in modern Asian magnificence. Is it worth the numerous dollar signs that dot the menu? We find out. Built atop the Kyiv […]

If you were walking along Baseina Street on 26 January, you might have noticed something unusual. National artist Pavlo Zibrov was singing his hit songs while cooking his signature Zibrembo […]

It may have opened eight months ago, but Varvar Bar already has the chops to take its place as one of the leaders of  Kyiv’s craft beer and brewing scene. […]

Protected by EU legislation, feta is Greece’s most famous cheese; while papa means ‘dad’ and epitomises a family foundation. Papa plus feta equals an unmatched venue offering good food and […]