When authentic recipes meet an innovative and constantly evolving approach to cooking, and serving it forms part of the story of a long-established restaurant hardly stuck in the past, the […]

You may wonder what Japan and Peru, separated by vast stretches of open ocean, have in common. The answer comes as a surprise. It is cuisine known as Nikkei, which […]

Well-known Odesa restaurateur Saveliy Lipkin brings his meaty brainchild to the capital. But does the new Kyiv-based Steakhouse live up to the standards set by its southern elder brother? Saveliy […]

Imagine, for a moment, spending years dreaming about your own business. Imagine having worked in kitchens across the globe and thinking to yourself, “One day, I will create my own […]

Craft beer has turned into a bubbling business all across the Ukrainian capital and beyond, turning what was once a mere cocktail for the clergy into Kyiv’s go-to for Monday, […]

While the venue is typically very French, the current menu at Très Français features morsels from the Basque region. I am here to see whether this culinary heritage found straddling […]