To mark 33 years since the Chornobyl disaster, last year @Vlad.Fisun of @DJBuroAgency, @UATVEN, and @chornobyltour created a major art project: a 45-minute music stream, live from the exclusion zone. […]

A Canadian-owned and operated business is serving up big taste in the centre of Kyiv. Os Los which translates to Here’s the Moose, is selling famous French-Canadian food known as […]

Valentyn Lavreniuk, a 19-year-old student originally from Lviv, has acquired rights to produce an adaptation of Stephen King’s short story “Stationary Bike,” thanks to King’s Dollar Babies program. Through this […]

Today is International Mother Language Day! And what better way to celebrate language than by hitting the books. At Petrivka book market, you can browse through thousands upon thousands of […]

On February 22 at 16.00, Hisko Hulsing will give a lecture in Planeta Kino in the Blockbuster Mall. Hulsing is the director of adult animated series “Undone” which tells the […]

Peizazhna (Landscape) Alley is the perfect photo op spot or place to get out of the ordinary sights of the city — here you can take a seat in a […]

The unspoiled forests north of Kyiv are deceptive. While Chornobyl Reactor Number Four and the ghost city of Pripyat make for a sobering tourist drawcard, the forests also conceal another […]

A Guide to the TORFL Exam So, you want to show off about the language skills you’ve picked up since moving here? Well, that’ll be difficult to do if you’re […]

Whether you’re looking for romance, or simply new friends and interesting discussions, speed dating could be just what you need to kick-start your social life  February can feel like a […]

Is it time to forget about breed fashion? A recent study by The Washington Post placed Ukraine among the ten countries with the highest number of homeless animals in the […]

Somewhere in the centre of Kyiv lies a street steeped in history, clad in beautiful architecture, and infused with a lively atmosphere. Shota Rustaveli is directly named after the Medieval […]

Ukrainians will always be the first to tell you about the importance of having balance in your life (a perfect example is the balance between food and shots of samohonka). […]

Immigration is a hot topic all over the world now. Having been through the process myself, I can testify that it tends to be long and confusing: you’re faced with […]

The five best ways to find calm Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, exhale – and relax. You’ve surely been told to do this a gazillion times, but […]

Celebrated on 19 December, a best-loved holiday for children – St. Nicholas Day, is fast approaching, where good little girls and boys traditionally wake up to gifts laid under their pillows. So as to […]

It wasn’t long ago that one father frost, or “did moroz” in ukraine, was this country’s most cherished holiday character. But as Ukraine moves to define its modern culture as separate and distinct from […]

The magic behind the most wonderful time of the year in Ukraine Nothing reminds us of the upcoming holidays like Christmas carols occupying the airwaves of supermarkets and malls from […]

It’s that time of year again: mulled wine on every street corner, Christmas classics on repeat, and excitement in the air! With Christmas and New Year quickly approaching, there’s no […]