Michelle and Nicole Feldman are street artists. Expressing themselves in graffiti, or street art, on the walls of Kyiv, the ‘Sestry Feldman’ signature style is easily recognisable in the bright […]

Roman Mykyta, 24, USA  Roman is a choreographic art student at the National Pedagogical University of Drahomanova and is into his second year of living in Kyiv. The current situation […]

As the realities of quarantine life set in, people around the world are finding new ways to keep up with their fitness routines. Fortunately, many fitness companies have ‘stepped up’ […]

In autumn 2018, miniature mosaics began to appear on buildings around Kyiv. The group behind the initiative is Pomme de Boue, a street art collective who would rather not identify […]

There has never been a better time for learning a new skill than now, and photography is a useful one to acquire. Photography is an enjoyable activity that many of […]

Bored and looking for something to do? Check out these courses! Learn About Ukraine Learn the Ukrainian language with more than 100 courses in Ukrainian! Site: Price: Free Learn […]

Schedules have been altered, routines have been adjusted, and certain limitations exist. Even with these changes, our interest, curiosity, and inspiration can still be sparked.  Art fans have access to […]

Ukraine is a vast country with huge variation in land, art, and traditions. Here are 3 great pages to get your daily dose of all things Ukrainian!  Ukrainer ( Ukrainer […]

Listening to a podcast is perfect for a walk around the block, during your morning routine, or just while passing the time at home. Here are some to check out […]

Picking the perfect date spot is hard enough as it is and the current situation is not making things easier. If you’re quarantining apart from your significant other, you can […]

Proverbs like this one abound in this country where everything from your grandmother’s counsel about staying away from table corners (unwed girls take heed!) and people with empty buckets to […]

The motanka doll is one of the most ancient of Ukrainian, handmade household items. Initially fashioned as a domestic symbol of fertility and procreation, these figurines played an important role […]

It stands to reason with a millennium-and-a-half of history behind it, the city of Kyiv has a fair few skeletons rattling in its closet. Over the centuries, many of them […]

Slukh media is launching daily online concerts to give you something to get excited about. Popular bandurista and vocalist Bandura Krut was the first live guest and you can expect […]