In my green, sequined tracksuit, I sit at a café with friends, gossiping and catching up about the day before. We’re done our food and drinks, but the server hasn’t […]

The summer holidays are very nearly here and that means it’s time to get ready because it’s that time of year again – the kids are coming home. Don’t worry, […]

A fun and fantastic new way to explore has recently popped up on our GPS. It’s called geocaching, and though it’s new to us, there are more than 300 fabulous […]

With the 2018 UEFA Champions League here in Kyiv this year, Michael Hudson of Dinternal Education came up with a fabulous competition to get locals out and about, showcasing their […]

There’s surely no better reason to roll-out this semi-regular feature dedicated to one of the finer things in life than a beer festival. While we usually showcase smaller craft beer […]

Ukrainian talents continue to collect accolades worldwide. In April, Kharkiv-born illustrator Stanislav Senchuk showcased his own vision of a headline-making cover from a British Vogue issue. His sketch Models Change […]

Our second prize this month is a Boomerang Bag from Wonder Designs, and brand of unique and innovative designs created by Vlady Vyshnevetskiy. The Boomerang Bag was designed for daily use […]

On 24 and 26 May, Kyiv will host two of the most important games in European, even world, football – the EUFA Champions League finals! Didn’t manage to land yourself […]

So, you’ve come to Kyiv to watch the football. You may have noticed as well that Kyiv boasts some of the most attractive women in the world. Want to connect? […]

Back in 2014, amidst the anti-government clashes and ousting of then-President Viktor Yanukovych, the annexation of Crimea, and the subsequent hostilities in eastern Ukraine, two girls in their early 20s […]

Kyiv has been under the watchful gaze of the Motherland statue for 37 years. Want to view Kyiv through her eyes? On 9 April, the observation deck dubbed Extreme opened […]

The Annual Indoor Football Tournament by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine has long become a traditional event for member companies, and while everyone in Kyiv is thrilled that the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final is to be hosted later this month at the Olympic Stadium, the ACC tourney featured on 28-29 April at the KPI Sport Complex to great excitement! Sixteen teams competed with persistence and passion in a pursuit to confirm their position as leaders in business as well as on the pitch. Our congrats to this year’s winner, Team Lifecell!

Blockchain, a continuously growing list of records, has turned the techno-world on its head. And not only. The art world seems just as captivated by these linked blocks, especially in […]

When people heard I was going to live in Lutsk for two months, they warned me there would be nothing to do. I gladly accepted that as a challenge. I […]

Kateryna Ivchenko was one of our favourite posts in our first run at the What’s On All Over Kyiv competition, and is also our winner this month! Congrats! Want to […]

Every city has its own symbols characterising them. Kyiv is no exception and has an abundance of features that show off what makes the city unique. In early 2017, Julia  […]

Over the past few years, the so-called ‘Generation Z’ has become an influential community, setting trends, creating various new cultures, and breaking down stereotypes. Considered only kids just yesterday, today […]