Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, and there is no better time to get into the long-awaited festive mood, watching Coca-Cola ads for the 100th time, stepping out […]

Here’s a riddle for you: which popular hot drink was originally a sacred substance forbidden to women, before becoming an exclusive treat for royals and aristocrats? Let WO take you […]

New Year is on its way, as are Saint Nicholas Day and Christmas. It’s time to see who’s been naughty or nice and sum up the previous year, with resolutions […]

Need a pick-me up? Grab a ticket, pick a seat, and let theatre work out the kinks For Ukrainians, a trip to the theatre isn’t just about dressing up and […]

No, it’s not a new superhero franchise (but maybe someone should pitch the idea to Hollywood?) Living in Ukraine, where so much of our collective medical knowledge is based upon […]

Hot on the heels of Chornobyl is Sky Atlantic and HBO’s Catherine the Great, the latest production to focus on this part of the world.  As well as dispelling some […]

“I walked through villages and twelve collective farms. Everywhere was the cry, ‘There is no bread. We are dying…’”  These words are taken from a report published in the western […]

As Ukraine continues its path towards Europe, it gets harder and harder to find those little Soviet-style quirks that make life in this country so unique. But if you want […]

O.Torvald has released a long-awaited new album for their fans. In fact two of them at once! The fresh recording consists of two conceptual parts, which differ in form and […]

When my accumulated hours of teaching seemed to be on par with my accumulated hours of riding the Kyiv metro, so began the tedious task of searching for new work. […]

Autumn, as the nights draw closer and the temperatures fall, is the best time of year to actively choose not to Netflix but chill out and read. Or, better still, […]

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in his novel The Great Gatsby: “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall,” and we couldn’t agree more. Not feeling so […]

The Future Renovation Map is a project that finished among the top 11 at the Open Data Challenge 2019 – the third such competition for software developers that took place […]

When I began my search for an apartment in Kyiv, I threw all of my expectations out the window. Why? Because that was the only way I was going to […]

By Palindrom It may not only be the best album of the month, but of the whole year too. It’s certainly already one of the best Ukrainian music projects to […]

Not far from the Roshen factory, a new venue has recently opened – Nice On Café (also known as the Roshen Café). While former president Petro Poroshenko won’t be making […]

Ukraine’s castles are majestic buildings once home to significant historical figures, and are important sites for the country’s cultural heritage. A new social project, 12 Guards, looks to restore them, […]

Over 100 years ago, my paternal great great grandmother and grandfather immigrated from a village in western Ukraine to the Canadian prairies. They set off to the ‘land of opportunity’ […]