Kindergarten teacher turned rapper @alyona.alyona.official won the @aristocratsfm Aprize award for her debut album Pushka. Though Alyona Alyona wasn’t at the awards ceremony, she sent in a video where she […]

Think you know a lot about toilets? Think again! Kyiv’s Toilet History Museum will bring your knowledge to a level you didn’t even know existed. Follow the evolution of toilets […]

Looking to meet new people? Want to talk about the latest news? Just in need of some good old-fashioned conversation? @englishsmalltalks might be for you. This club brings together a […]

It’s like Disneyland but with only the waiting in line part. Yet, Disneyland makes more sense because you’ll wait in line for an hour with one hundred people in front […]

While baby boomers in the west flocked to Jesus Christ Superstar, their Soviet contemporaries created a cult-following surrounding the surrealist masterpiece – Bulhakov’s Master and Margarita. Meant to satirise absurdity […]

A relic of the Cold War thaw gets hotter and hotter Thought variety shows were a relic of the past? Think again: there’s a revival happening here in Kyiv and […]

In the land of borscht, horilka, and beautiful churches, there is an abundance of things to see and do. But what to do when your budget doesn’t allow for much […]

More often than not, we easily forget what happened in the past. That doesn’t make us bad people: it’s just that there is so much going on in the present. […]

Move over Marvel: there’s a new event in Kyiv’s cinema calendar. Cast aside any doubts you might have about silent films and rediscover the masterpieces of Charlie Chaplin and Buster […]

Kyiv loves coffee and Kyivans can be found sipping on coffee at any given hour of the day.  If you agree that not all coffee is created equal, check out […]

To mark 33 years since the Chornobyl disaster, last year @Vlad.Fisun of @DJBuroAgency, @UATVEN, and @chornobyltour created a major art project: a 45-minute music stream, live from the exclusion zone. […]

A Canadian-owned and operated business is serving up big taste in the centre of Kyiv. Os Los which translates to Here’s the Moose, is selling famous French-Canadian food known as […]

Valentyn Lavreniuk, a 19-year-old student originally from Lviv, has acquired rights to produce an adaptation of Stephen King’s short story “Stationary Bike,” thanks to King’s Dollar Babies program. Through this […]

Today is International Mother Language Day! And what better way to celebrate language than by hitting the books. At Petrivka book market, you can browse through thousands upon thousands of […]

On February 22 at 16.00, Hisko Hulsing will give a lecture in Planeta Kino in the Blockbuster Mall. Hulsing is the director of adult animated series “Undone” which tells the […]

Peizazhna (Landscape) Alley is the perfect photo op spot or place to get out of the ordinary sights of the city — here you can take a seat in a […]

The unspoiled forests north of Kyiv are deceptive. While Chornobyl Reactor Number Four and the ghost city of Pripyat make for a sobering tourist drawcard, the forests also conceal another […]

A Guide to the TORFL Exam So, you want to show off about the language skills you’ve picked up since moving here? Well, that’ll be difficult to do if you’re […]