Wizz Air is holding its 10th annual marathon in Kyiv on 5-6 October. For some, it’s a reason to complain about the city-wide road closures; for others, it presents an […]

By their listeners, they are known as the Ukrainian Pink Floyd. This little-known but promising group from Kharkiv, La Horsa Bianca, has released its second full-length album, Oneiric Numeric. “Just […]

The enemy is closing in every day, killing everything and everyone in its way, Its next target is a small set of tribes at odds with each other. They won’t […]

On Sunday 1 September, the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet officially opened its doors for its 152nd season. Four days later, the public was treated to a very special […]

After 33 years, we still do not know the whole truth about the Chornobyl In 1986 the world came to a stop. Chornobyl. Excess levels of radiation were reported as […]

Kyiv is seeing a resurgence of interest in tea culture, which has finally become fashionable in times when coffee seems to dominate. In some senses, it is a cultural throwback […]

Though it’s still summer on the streets, any self-respecting fashion lover already needs to be aware of the autumn trends. They’ve been unveiled at the latest shows in New York, […]

No matter how long you’ve lived in Ukraine, you soon notice that some people feel the rules simply don’t apply to them. It’s almost as if the planet isn’t spinning […]

It’s time for anxious Instagram addicts to relax: the ever-popular photo-sharing app has started hiding like counts and video views under posts to reduce users’ anxiety. In May, the updated […]

While Ukraine becomes more and more European – and less and less “post-Soviet” – the country still wrestles with some remnants of its Soviet past. Gone are the hammers and […]

Kyiv has become the first city in Europe to launch the pilot service UberShuttle bus. The launch was announced by Jamie Haywood, Uber Regional Manager of UK and Northern and […]

Wavy Dem is a fresh act from Kyiv, who records minimalistic trap with the integration of melodic, unobtrusive hooks. He is an ex-member of Kyiv rap collective Klan 044, gaining […]

If you’ve ever visited a traditional Ukrainian house or a park such as Pyrohovo or Mamaeva Sloboda you must have noticed the odd doll with a cross instead of a […]

What kind of person gets up early in the morning to go to a museum? It can only be a hardcore museumgoer – or a yoga student. Spilne Art has […]

Yurii Bondarchuk, a poet and musician from Zhytomyr with many projects behind him (the most famous of which is the cult and sometimes tragic group Oh, Deer, which finished in […]

Looking for a cool Ukrainian gift to show off to your friends when you get back home? Why not be the “toast” of the town and return with a bottle […]

The summer has reached its peak. For some, it’s a reason to rejoice and head to the beach, while others make a beeline for the nearest air-conditioned mall or other […]

When I moved from Canada to Ukraine, I experienced many differences. These differences did not deter but rather encouraged me to look for little bits of home in this unusual […]