The latest trend has arrived from Japan – and no, it’s not a new gadget, but an online campaign for footwear equality. The #KuToo movement has opened up a discussion worldwide: […]

Ukraine’s Very Own Wizards & Sorcerers Ukraine’s famed Zaporizhian Cossacks are believed to have employed sorcerers as part of their legendary fighting forces. Or so it’s been told… By now, […]

In part three of our Kids in Kyiv feature, What’s On looks at some of the best places in Kyiv to take your kids. This month we look at sites […]

If you haven’t yet heard, the footbridge between Volodymyrska Hill and the People’s Friendship Arch opened on 25 May, especially for Kyiv Day, connecting Mariinsky and Khreshchatyy Park. As the […]

Kyiv: everyone’s favourite city to party in. Could it be the speakeasy cocktail bars, interesting locations, or never-ending club hours? Only you can be the judge. With so much variety […]

Indie electronic duo Ummagma present their new album Compass this month. It will be the third long-play and the pair’s first album after seven years of silence. Before this they […]

Summer is here and What’s On has crawled out of the metro to give you a taste of what people are like above ground. Young and old, happy and gloomy, […]

While some of the dissatisfied masses sign petitions to re-shoot the latest season of Game of Thrones, others are enthusiastically responding to the new mini-series Chornobyl   Released in early […]

Warmer weather interferes with the working grind and instills in us the desire to get out and enjoy it. Needs must, so what do you do if you don’t have […]

Looking for a Ukrainian gift that is traditional, yet modern? Folksy, yet chic? Something to wear to class or a wedding? Look no further than a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt […]

Ukraine is a treasure trove, and nothing beats shopping in Kyiv – the metropolitan heart of the country. Here exists the contrast of modernity and tradition, unparalleled aesthetics, and the […]

Dakh Daughters is a group born from the DAKH Theatre, and the only thing these girls can consistently promise is an unpredictable performance at every live show. Over the last […]

Kyiv is always full of life, with so many people that sometimes you feel like the world is too small to accommodate. How often do you take a ride on […]

It’s almost summer, but no time for sadness. People are dressing lighter and looking for inspiration to put that extra flesh on show to good use. And what better way […]

Now in its seventh year, the Ostrov Festival continues to go from strength-to-strength. It caters to fans of techno, with music from current DJs and musicians, as well as representatives […]

The month of May signals festival season and there is no shortage to choose from. One of those you must make it to is this year’s Molodist Film Festival The […]

A weekend getaway is the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries. It’s enough to generally understand A city’s atmosphere and see the main sights. And, most importantly, the city does […]