Yizh or їж (or їzh) literally translates from Ukrainian to English as eating. The Golden Gate of Kyiv, it’s where Yaroslav the Wise hung up his hat and declared the […]

In this city that never sleeps, finding a 24-hour spot to carry on the party isn’t a difficult task. But what if you’re no longer a night reveler? What if […]

Looking for a cool gift to show off to your friends about your trip to Ukraine when you return home? Why not get into the season by picking up some […]

Kyiv is always full of life, with so many people that sometimes you feel like the world is too small to accommodate. How often do you take a ride on […]

The series finale of Game of Thrones isn’t the only reason for Ukrainians to renew their HBO subscriptions this month as the American cable TV behemoth is set to release […]

In a series of stories of Ukrainians in search for a new life, Diaspora Dissected takes on New Zealand It is the farthest from Ukraine you can possibly go. New […]

In spring 1805, sensational news headlines adorned front pages of most Viennese papers – they heralded an extraordinary event to cause quite a buzz in the town. Media stated, on […]

Kyiv is full of life. All you need to do is ride the metro and you are thrust into a microcosm of the realities of the Ukrainian capital. Perhaps you […]

Looking for a cool gift to show off to your friends from your trip to Ukraine when you return home? We have just the thing for you to ‘score’ – […]

Ulitakis is the title of the second album in the discography of the Ternopil psychedelic-baroque-indie band Tik Tu. Playing in different styles, theirs is a large arsenal of instruments: percussion, […]

What is a podcast? And now does this very convenient innovation allow you to get  maximum benefit in minimum time? Did you know podcasts can make you smarter? Not surprisingly, […]

We live in a challenging environment of rapidly changing economic and political events. Which is good for many reasons – first, our glossary is constantly replenished with new-minted notions; second, boredom is […]

As an avid recycler, I was eager to keep up such a habit when moving from Canada to Ukraine. My concern was that I would not be able to realise […]

Each city has its own romantic routes. Here in Kyiv, you can’t beat Andriivskyi Spusk, romantic Podil, stylish Khreshchatyk, with many cosy parks and squares dotted in and along. It’s […]

The Soviets were known for many things. Oversized army hats. Merciless purges. And staggering inefficiency. While Ukraine has ousted the first two, it’s that pesky Soviet inefficiency that it just […]

Jinjer is one of the most powerful metal groups in Ukraine; the pride of our heavy-metal scene some might say. In 2016, this little band from Horlivka signed a contract […]

The Old Bastards by Volodymyr Lys What do you know about Volynske Polissia? Nothing, I can assure you. Like the Carpathian mountains, this area has preserved the most ancient relics […]