The narrative around gender equality has dramatically shifted in the past few years in Ukraine. With the advent of International Women’s Day, What’s On takes time to celebrate female determination, […]

On your path to enlightenment, health, and well-being, stop first at Shambala In Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the Tantra talks about Shambala as a mythical kingdom. In fact, you do not […]

To celebrate or not to celebrate 8 March? The debate rages on. Despite this, flowers remain one of the best ways to express love, congratulations, and support of your nearest and […]

A few fun ways to spend the day with those special ladies in your life. International Women’s Day features this month, and if you’re tired of the typical flowers, cards, […]

Feel better knowing these health institutions have got your back (and your feet, head, and heart, or any other body parts) Visiting a doctor abroad can be disorienting, whichever country […]

Countless kilometres of gloomy tunnels, subterranean rivers, and an abandoned defence bunker once intended for six-hundred people… Welcome to Kyiv’s mesmerising and forgotten underground world Have you ever wondered what […]

Taking up sports is often on the lists of resolutions for the new year. Despite not having a terribly white Christmas, 2020 is no exception not to get out and enjoy […]

Kyiv finds its stride this year – check out our top 20 things to see and do in the ukrainian capital in 2020 No matter whether you’re into historical tourism, […]

No other name carries more weight in aviation history than Antonov. Literally At a whopping 250 tons, the legendary An-225 cargo transporter, a Ukrainian record-breaker, remains the world’s largest airplane. […]

Fashion features this month in Kyiv and beyond The modern fashion show dates back to the 1860s when English designer Charles Frederick Worth replaced mannequins with live people during a […]

Not sure what to do this Valentine’s Day? Let us help! Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day sure is hard to avoid. Some folks spend ages agonising over the perfect […]

The end of the year is always a good opportunity for some self-reflection. And if you want to give yourself time and space to think before entering the new decade, […]

While God suggests that Sunday should be a day of rest, it was those clever English who figured out that sipping on Sunday, along side a plethora of foods not […]

Congratulations, you’ve got through another year – time to celebrate! And no one does New Year celebrations quite like the Chinese Every culture has its own way of celebrating the […]

On 23 October 2019 World Bank released its annual ranking Doing Business 2020 which proved that economic environment in Ukraine becomes more attractive for investments: Ukraine climbed for 7 positions […]

Kyiv’s newest hotline — saving lives It was the evening of 14 October when a veteran of the war in the Donbas region of Ukraine picked up his phone and […]

Though many disastrous events throughout history have earned the nickname ‘Black Friday’, the term took on a whole new meaning in the 1980s when Americans began using it to refer […]