Get your invisibility cloaks and wands, Superman and Wonder Woman costumes ready – Comic Con Ukraine is back. The second installment of the pop culture convention and the biggest yet […]

AS autumn begins, the Odesa Philharmonic Orchestra welcomes to the sixth Black Sea Music Fest. Over the month, the Philharmonic will be presenting a series of eight musically diverse concerts […]

The second International Kyiv Photo Book Festival is scheduled to take place AT Izone on 15 September. The event is A MUST for photography admirers and for those interested in […]

It’s an early September morning, and while near my old school I hear the familiar sound of a school bell. This bell makes me think about the path I have […]

Four simple words that express the sentiment at the core of a special theatre and art initiative that for 10 years has given a voice and a creative outlet to […]

Ukraine’s struggle for independence is best described by the term ‘perpetual motion’. Indeed, ever since the eastern and central regions became part of the Russian empire, the first movements for […]

There is something about the Carpathians: a mix of rustic lifestyle and mountainous paradise set against charming towns and cosy villages Must Do Go Rafting Prut and Cheremosh are the […]

As the third month of summer sets in, so does the longing to soak up what’s left of the warm days and long evenings. We’ve brainstormed a list of tips […]

Resident Advisor ranks Brave! Factory among the 10 best festivals in the world, which is no mean feat given that this is only its iteration. This month the massive festival […]

What’s the best way to spend a summer weekend? Although What’s On cannot claim to give you the definitive answer to this existential question, we are glad to share our […]

Swiss photojournalist Niels Ackermann has been based in Kyiv since 2015. His coverage of Ukraine is unique and special, capturing the nuances and beauty of everyday life here – which […]

Kyiv’s left bank – Pozniaky neighborhood, offers accommodation at reasonable prices (for the capital), safety and security, is just some 20 minutes from Ukraine’s largest airport, and, surprisingly for some, […]

We have all seen the i3 on the roads: it’s a quirky little thing with a striking design, which has won several design awards, including the 2014 World Car Design […]

You have to admire participants in KyivPride for their bravery. It is an event ringed by police to protect the marchers from those who oppose them. “Imagine being attacked on […]

Kyiv is a city of contrasts. A stunning centre and then what is termed here as “sleeping districts” dominated by apartment blocks that are either slightly tired or ultra-modern. Are […]

If I had to cross a continent by car, the Bentley Continental GT is the car I would want to do it in. It is, without exaggeration, the most awesome […]

On the eve of 6 July, the holiday of Ivana Kupala is celebrated. As one of the magical traditions – literally – to have come out of Ukraine, perhaps you […]

During the Renaissance, artists carried the responsibility of creating an accurate reflection of reality, with a desire to catch the beauty of life, humanity, nature, as well as the body. […]