We are already back to school, which makes it the perfect time to hunker down and finally pick up one of those pesky languages that you’ve been meaning to learn. […]

Some friends came to visit, one each from Canada, the UK, and South Africa. Discussing their itinerary of “must see” things in Kyiv, the Mezhygir mansion came up. So one […]

Lately, plenty of cruise ship job offers have inundated the Ukrainian market. HR managers actively recruit those ‘dedicated to the highest level of guest satisfaction and excellence’ – pool boys, […]

For many, autumn is a time when Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) rears its head. But not for What’s On! And not for you once you take a peek at all […]

Kyiv-based companies, non-profit organisations, and volunteers invest a lot of effort to encourage Ukrainians to sort waste and consume more responsibly. Do we really have to be reminded that plastic […]

Even for those who love everything about busy Kyiv city life, taking a break and visiting other parts of Ukraine can bring a much-needed change. the amazing natural scenery combined […]

“Welcome to Iran! Welcome to my country!” This is what tourists hear when taking a vacation in Iran. And you can too on what is a quick and easy trip […]

For the past three years, the largest national holiday in Ukraine – Independence Day – has combined with concerts by Okean Elzy. Kharkiv, Odesa, and Lviv marked the occasion with […]

Ukraine’s capital is both beautiful and rich in terms of architecture and history. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why over the past few years more and more of […]

Out of six contenders, Ukraine has selected Sergei Loznitsa’s tragicomedy Donbass to compete for selection in the foreign-language Oscar race to take place in Los Angeles on 24 February 2019. […]

Photo albums from Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence How does it feel to be a soldier on the frontline? Do fleeting memories of life events like a first kiss flood as […]

Feel like you’ve seen everything in Kyiv? Looking for something new and interesting to do? Love the outdoors? Why not check out what’s going on just outside of the capital […]

“It does not matter what you know. The vital thing is how quickly you can learn” In the past, people built cities as their mind-set and necessities dictated. In the […]

The voice of Kyiv’s metropolitan subway is about to undergo a remix. In June, the metro declared its intention to re-record the announcements in the train wagons. First, this is […]