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New Museum in Podil?

5 000 square metres of history For the past four years, a team of enthusiasts led by Mikhail Sagaydak – the director of the Centre of Archeology of Kyiv of the NASU (National Academy of Science of Ukraine) has been carrying out excavations under Poshtova Ploshcha. Here, the remains of city buildings dating from the […]

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Pharmacy Museum – Secrets of monks and quacks

The Pharmacy Museum occupies the building of Kyiv’s first private drugstore, founded by German-born Johann Heiter in 1728. Later, his son-in-law Georg Bunge inherited the business and began a pharmaceutical dynasty. Currently, the museum exhibits more than 2 000 artefacts – apothecary bottles, tools, jars with snakes preserved in alcohol, cans with cream, tooth powder, […]

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03:00 Museum – See without looking

Named after the darkest time of night, the three after midnight museum boasts an extraordinary concept. Unlike traditional museums, 03:00 offers visitors the opportunity to not look at art, but feel it. Blind guides take you on a 90-minute walk around five interactive zones in total darkness. The aim is to highlight capabilities and emotions […]

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