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One L of a Car

If I had to describe my dream car, it would not be a pickup. I don’t have to ferry tools from one place to another, nor am I an avid mountain biker. But, if you do have to move large volumes of goods around, for business or pleasure, you could do a lot worse than […]

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Be my Valentine?

The International Day of Love is on the horizon. Forgo the chocolate, maybe not the flowers, and be a little more creative. As February nears, one of the greatest western traditions, which has become an obsession thanks to heavy marketing, is Valentine’s Day. It is still a mystery how Ukrainians managed to survive without this […]

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The Legendary Pajero

Debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1973, the Mitsubishi Pajero has been around for a very long time, making it almost as old as me. But whereas I wake every morning feeling all of my 45 years, there is nothing old or outdated about this beast. The modern car industry is something really quite […]

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Good things come in Small Packages!

Many years ago, and many careers ago, I often used to zip to and from work in a Ford Fiesta, and have fond memories of that little car. The best thing about it was the motor, because while the luxuries in the Fiestas of those days were basically limited to a radio/tape deck, that car […]

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Sing Like No One’s Listening

You probably know karaoke (カラオケ) is a Japanese innovation, but there may be one place on the planet where its’ popularity rivals that of this Pacific island. Yup, this form of entertainment – where an amateur singer sings along to an autocue with recorded instrumental music, is incredibly popular in not just Kyiv, but across Ukraine. […]

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