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What Women Want

No Football Talk

So, you’ve come to Kyiv to watch the football. You may have noticed as well that Kyiv boasts some of the most attractive women in the world. Want to connect? Don’t talk about football. Yes, I know. It’s the Champions League – one of the greatest games of the year. What else would you talk […]

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Spots to Fashion

Shopping, for many, represents a necessity – for others it is a leisure activity in its own right. It is something people either love or loathe in equal measure. There are those that dread wondering from one shopping mall to another or those that can hone in on their target with absolute precision. Catering to […]

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Fashionable Sustainability

The new trend Though not as popular in Ukraine, sustainability is quite the trend in Western Europe and in England in particular: up-and-coming fashion designers, architects, interior designers, and other professionals at various creative industries aim to produce cutting-edge fashion pieces of good quality so they can be around for a good long time. When […]

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