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Love, But Not for All

I’m in love with Ukraine. It’s a love that started as a child, with Ukrainian dance and culture sparking my interest. I fell deeper after I visited for the first time in 2014. I thought about my few short days here every day until I returned, three years later. But even the greatest of loves […]

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Architecture. Mandalas. Dvoira

The home in which Anna Akhmatova wrote her first collection of poems. The house that features representations of Atlanteans on Lyuteranska where Maxim Gorky once lived. The endocrinology hospital on Reitarskaya where Nikolai Amosov worked. All of these beautiful examples of architecture from the 19th and 20th centuries form the basis of the Dvoira project. […]

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Hygge – the Danish secret to a happy life

Are you happy? Most Danes will say “yes” in a heartbeat. Believe it or not, Danes were officially recognised as the happiest nation in the world three times in a row! Luckily for the rest of us, there is no big secret here. It all comes down to hygge – the art of creating happiness […]

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Сhoose your Identity

This is a story about the myth and image each of us, intentionally or unwittingly, perpetuates through social media. In April last year, Ukrainian artist Misha Alekseenko, after two months of preparation, flew at the invitation of Hollywood to work on a new project. At least, that’s what he told his friends…   The fact […]

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Celebrating Local Holiday Traditions

Holidays across Ukraine are celebrated in different ways. I spent the week leading up to Ukrainian Orthodox Christmas in villages of the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. A family in Tulova hosted myself and a dozen other Canadians for a Christmas meal three days before the actual holiday. The celebration started with carollers singing at the window, and […]

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Long-awaited freedom

Tears, smiles, hugs… Many of them still can’t believe that they’re free now. “We had many thoughts, couldn’t sleep, we still cannot believe it.” These are the first impressions and words after the monumental events of 27 December. It was a prisoner exchange: in total 233 people were released at the request of the so-called […]

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It sounds like a plot from Doctor Who. However, the long-awaited Cyborgs flick is not a fantasy, it’s not sci-fi, it’s real and it’s based on an incredible true story. It takes place in September 2014 when Russian-backed forces undertook multiple attempts to take control of Donetsk International Airport – a strategic territory in the […]

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What’s Brewing

Craft vs Pub Like many establishments set up on the back of a burgeoning scene, this cellar bar is a little out of the way. Still, it occupies a space in one of Kyiv’s most vibrant and hippest neighborhoods – Podil, and is worth venturing to. Craft vs Pub specialises in locally produced craft beers, […]

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