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Kyiv Gets Sustainable

Kyiv-based companies, non-profit organisations, and volunteers invest a lot of effort to encourage Ukrainians to sort waste and consume more responsibly. Do we really have to be reminded that plastic kills the planet? Unfortunately, yes… While we are doing our best to turn Kyiv into a genuinely European city, there are some areas where we […]

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The Thinker

Ukrainian ties run deep, and despite leaving his homeland at the age of 20, Bohdan Hawrylyshyn was always thinking of home. An almost latter day John Maynard Keynes figure, he would rise to prominence and become known as a Canadian and Swiss economist, thinker, benefactor, and advisor to governments and large companies worldwide before returning […]

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Turning 95

When I was a child, I loved going to the “big stadium”, because that’s where Ukraine’s national teams and Dynamo Kyiv played international games. Upon adulthood, I was selected to be a host speaker for UEFA’s EURO 2012 games in Kyiv and NSK Olimpiyskiy had by then been completely remodelled to become a truly modern […]

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A Life up in Smoke

Death and taxes – they are often cited as the only inevitabilities in life. We accept the taxes, but our own mortality? Not so much. Though most of us dismiss it, the thought of the ultimate inevitability can cause confusion and, for some perhaps, the realisation of the importance of a life lived well. Whether […]

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A Prism of Truth

In a region plagued by death, decay, and destruction lies a secret community that has found a sense of comfort and purpose through dancing to techno and electronic music. It’s called Prizma: Donetsk’s hidden capital of rave. The Donbass region, on the eastern edge of Ukraine, encompasses the Donetsk and Luhansk provinces where a bloody […]

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Artists in Exile

This spring marks four years since Crimea was annexed and large swathes of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine were occupied by pro-Russian terrorists. Four years since hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians were forced to leave their hometowns and start a new life elsewhere. What’s On meets with three artists who lost their homes […]

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Ukraine’s Men and Women in Blue

Corrupt, unethical, and dishonest – Ukraine’s previous police force were seen as some of the worst representatives of the state. Today, that profile is shifting to one of service – not to the government, but to the Ukrainian people. The National Police of Ukraine (NPU) does not have a long history. Formed on 3 July […]

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Pooling Resources for a Better Life

The success of a country’s social services are the backbone of a truly democratic and well-functioning society. While Ukraine has yet to live up to its potential in this area, Assistanspoolen – a new Swedish-based company about to open its doors here in Kyiv – fills the gap. The Swedish model of social welfare is […]

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