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Sausage Man Barred from Entry to UA

A British national who has lived and worked in Russia for the last two decades has been barred from entering the territory of Ukraine for three years, following a visit to Crimea. The visit was not just any old trip to grandmother’s house, rather, John Warren, wanted to help Russians “see their country”. Warren hosts […]

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New Crowd Funding Platform Launches

One of the most acute problems Ukraine faces right now is related to the war in the east. This time though the fight is not with bombs and bullets but with thoughts and emotions. Since the onset of conflict, a total of 335 000 men and women have answered the call to defend their country. […]

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Going (More) Green!

Good news for those who love the environment and understand that climate change is not a Chinese hoax! Two companies, Ukraine Power Resources and Yuzhne Energy, have agreed to team up to create two wind farms in Ukraine’s southern Odessa region. The project will see a combined investment of some 240 million EURO and will […]

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FIFA gets Fussy

As we all know, Russia was the host of this year’s World Cup Finals, and as such, the host nation is traditionally given automatic qualification rights. As a team that ranked 76th in world football this year, whether they’d have actually had the chance to play in the tournament by virtue of footballing ability is […]

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It’s the Economy, Stupid

Good news on the financial front, well, on the surface anyway. The World Bank predicts that Ukraine’s GDP growth in 2018 could hit the 3.5% mark. That’s a respectable number as we look around and make comparisons to the slow but steady GDP growth figures seen in neighbouring countries to the west. But, the announcement […]

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The Trump – Putin Summit

On the day Kyiv’s local entertainment and culture guide comes off the press and is being distributed throughout the capital, a meeting between the Presidents of the United States and Russia will be taking place in Helsinki, Finland. We thought it prudent however to put a together a few bullet points on the realities UA […]

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Babchenko, be serious

Ukraine played with fire recently with good reason. When Ukraine’s security services believed they had credible information on a plot to assassinate Russian journalist Arkadiy Babchenko, they concluded that the only way to save his life was to implement an undercover operation and catch the plotters. The ensuing debate continues to be polarized, with some […]

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$100 Billion

One hundred billion dollars is a striking amount. It’s the size of economic effect on Ukraine caused by Russia as concluded by feted economist Anders Aslund. Presenting his findings at a press conference here in Kyiv at the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre on 7 June, Aslund was flanked by colleagues and other distinguished members of […]

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