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Zelyonka and 5h1t.

Here’s a fact: many Russians live in Kyiv. Indeed many Russians live across all of Ukraine, and to see a Russian-plated car is not uncommon. Ninety-nine point nine per cent of the time these people are simply guests in the country who are required to abide by the laws and entitled to live a peaceful […]

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Ukraine Now!

In an effort to do more to promote Ukraine, the government just announced a new logo and slogan that will attempt to brand the country as a destination of choice for investors, tourists, and anybody else who might want to realise the potential of the country. Cool. To assist the authorities in their promo campaign, […]

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Stopping Russian Aggression in Syria

Ukraine’s aim of 18 June conference It’s long past time for Syrians and Ukrainians to unite to stop the wars in their countries and work more closely together to persuade the rest of the world to put greater pressure on Russia, the imperial power which has caused so much death and destruction in these two […]

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English Songstress to Grace CL Final

Talk of the town, Champions League final, and here’s one more little-known bit that you may be interested in: the entertainment to calm the nerves of the fans in the stadium on the 26th will be provided by English singer/songwriter Dua Lipa! No doubt she will perform hits New Rules and IDGAF while those seated […]

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The Very Best in Ukrainian Film

The top films in Ukrainian cinema were honoured last month at Ukraine’s own version of the Academy Awards (Golden Dzygas). Cyborgs, the $2 million USD film recounting the heroic defence of the Donetsk International Airport, was the big winner of the night, winning Best Picture, Best Actor (Vyacheslav Dovzhenko), Best Supporting Actor (Victor Zhdanov), Best […]

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New Connections!

This is, quite literally, two-way good news! Not only are new travel routes opening up to give those of us in Ukraine cheaper ac­cess to the (visa free!) outside world, but we will be seeing ever larger numbers of tourists coming to visit beautiful Kyiv too. Their tourist dollars will be a welcome boost to […]

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The Rule of Law

There are a few elements of change that can bring success and growth to Ukraine’s economy. None perhaps are as likely to make more of an im­pact than a determined effort to ar­rive at a point where everyone in the country (private citizens and business folk alike) can depend on justice to be honestly dispensed […]

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Putin Told Off

While she’s been relatively quiet in recent months, at least where Ukraine is concerned, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been wagging her finger in the direction of Mos­cow this month, and we can only applaud her efforts. With debates ongoing about the direc­tion and partners involved in the Nord Stream 2 project – a pipeline […]

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