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Placing Ukraine on the Global Healthcare Map

Launched just over three years ago, Doctor Sam has evolved into a highly effective network of three ambulatory clinics. Furthermore, it is a place where quantity goes along with a quality that is globally recognised Doctor Sam is one of Kyiv’s great options for the medical needs of children and adults in various fields, including […]

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Getting Hitched in Ukraine

All you need to know Foreign citizens have the same equal rights and obligations when it comes to marriage and family as citizens of Ukraine. The only vital requirement foreigners must be in legal compliance with for a marriage registration to take place is their stay in Ukraine, whereby he/she does not  violate the 90/180-day […]

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AmChams in Europe Annual Conference 2018: Delivering the Voice of Business in Washington, D.C.

B2U – promoting Ukraine internationally as an attractive investment destination along with spreading the good news about Ukraine on the other side of the Atlantic – is one of the pillars of the great mission set forth by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine. In April 2018, AmCham delegates from 27 countries across Europe participated in an annual conference […]

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Sowing Seeds in Ukraine

As the world’s third largest agro-exporter, with potential to more than double that, Ukraine has huge potential. John Shmorhun, a farmboy turned navy pilot turned businessman, has been working at ensuring that potential is realised for nearly 30 years John Shmorhun is no stranger to this part of the world: he’s been floating between Russia […]

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Improv to Improve

They walk out on stage, interact a little with the audience, take in suggestions for topics, and, boom! – they have created a story on the spot, without any rehearsal! It’s called Improv. And it’s not just about fun and games anymore, it’s being used in better business practice. We’ve seen the shows on TV […]

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As an expat visitor to Ukraine, whether for business or pleasure, it is important to understand the permitted period of stay. Typically, the number of allowed days in country will be stated on your visa (if indeed you need a visa), otherwise it is 90 days within a 180-day period – the so-called 90/180 rule) […]

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Promoting Business by Advancing Women

On 30 March, the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine in collaboration with the US Embassy in Ukraine and America House had the honour of hosting leading global speaker and executive coach on issues surrounding the professional advancement of women – Rania Anderson. Eighty business leaders, half of whom were men, attended the business lunch, […]

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Seconds Out, Round Three!

Thomas Sillesen has been doing business in Ukraine since 2013. His story is one of perseverance, principles, justice, and loyalty. Thomas Sillesen and his business BIIR recently won a landmark court case related to the ownership of a building in Odesa. Why “landmark”? Because this is Ukraine and courts here often rule in favour of […]

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