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Sailing in All Winds

Although yachting is less popular in Ukraine than abroad, it has a certain cache on Kyiv’s social scene. Seen as an elite sport, entertainment, lifestyle, or all in one, it is a great option to enjoy an escape from your daily routine. And you don’t need to be an oligarch to do it. What could […]

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First Comes Tinder, then Comes…Marriage?

Dating apps seem to be the way you date these days, and with so many out there, it can get confusing. Recently or chronically single and in need of a little help? What’s On to the rescue. Single and like dogs? Tin Dog is a great dating app. Have eclectic taste in music and will […]

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Sleeper: Born to Walk

Back in 2014, amidst the anti-government clashes and ousting of then-President Viktor Yanukovych, the annexation of Crimea, and the subsequent hostilities in eastern Ukraine, two girls in their early 20s decided to launch Sleeper – a brand that would change the notion of loungewear for good. It is not easy to catch them – Asya […]

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Inspired by Crypto

Her designs make quite the fashion wave internationally, and after you check out her creations you’ll know why. Now Anna Karenina, better known as Anna K has her sights set on a bigger goal – turning the fashion industry on its head via blockchain. Six years ago, Anna K made her debut as a designer […]

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Pushing the Limits

There are No Limits when it come to frontman of the band Без Обмежень, Sergii Tanchynets. In a rather modest Ukrainian-style restaurant, we meet the man behind the stage persona Meeting the frontman of rock band, Без Обмежень (Without Limits), a band which has been around for more than 19 years, is exciting. Though, it […]

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The Heart of Havana in Kyiv

This month, Kyiv’s best-loved Latin American hotspot marks its 20th year. It’s a feat not many clubs in the Ukrainian capital can boast, and they are celebrating. What started off as a no name café, turned Cuban restaurant in 1998, has become what concert-goers and nightlifers know and love today as the Caribbean Club. Latin […]

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the girl is in the pictures

  She made movie magic with her movie debut, achieving many Ukrainian firsts. With success comes set-backs. What’s On asks why? Where to next for this filmmaker? And do the misogyny and scandals recently highlighted in Hollywood affect the movie industry here. Victoria Trofimenko cemented a place with her directorial debut Brothers. The Final Confession […]

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Cocktails and the City

The abundance of new сoncept bars in Kyiv has led to patrons being spoiled for choice. The predominance of social media has led to new ways of promoting the scene that are less main-stream – more insider; more intimate. Added to this are bartenders that display talent and pride in their work and innovative twists […]

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