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Coffee Break

Drinking coffee and grabbing a bite to eat has ceased to be just meeting a physical need for those that need a pick-me-up in the morning or throughout the day. It is becoming more of a culture thing in Kyiv that brings the city closer to the same café customs of Europe. Every café tries […]

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Glamour on the Hills

Once the Mediterranean-flavoured Belvedere, now Guaramma has emerged in modern Asian magnificence. Is it worth the numerous dollar signs that dot the menu? We find out. Built atop the Kyiv hills, there is no doubt the view – especially in the warmer months – is something for the Instagram history books, #NoFilterNecessary. But that is […]

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Top of the Building Bottom of the Heart

Protected by EU legislation, feta is Greece’s most famous cheese; while papa means ‘dad’ and epitomises a family foundation. Papa plus feta equals an unmatched venue offering good food and a cordial welcome all year round. PapaFeta opened its doors a year-and-a-half ago, in the Solomyanskyi district. It is nestled on the 11th (top) floor […]

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Posh in Pozniaky

Ukraine’s top meat grill open’s left-bank locale – read on for the good stuff. When we heard that, on 3 December, Argentina Grill opened its second location in Kyiv – and the first on the city’s left-bank – we sent a couple of What’s Oners to check it out. Voted Ukraine’s Best Meat Restaurant at […]

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All You Knead is Dough

A cousin of Chinese jiaozi, Italian ravioli, Georgian khinkali, and Asian manti, pelmeni is widely favoured for what it is – a simple nourishing dish for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. Yet, you may be wrong in thinking you know everything about pelmeni. Gifted contemporary chefs have recently breathed new life into the classic recipe. […]

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When in doubt, Brunch

The colder temps are making it very easy to remain inside come the weekend. Got no plans this Sunday? Book a table, and brunch. Yes, to brunch. We can (and have) spent hours brunching given the right occasion. And, with this absolutely non-exclusive list of Kyiv eateries at your fingertips, you too can brunch to […]

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The Odesa File

When authentic recipes meet an innovative and constantly evolving approach to cooking, and serving it forms part of the story of a long-established restaurant hardly stuck in the past, the “Odesa” file is a good example of how an eatery with a 55-year history manages to still stand out and impress. As winter sets in […]

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Nikkei Experiments: Opposites Attract

You may wonder what Japan and Peru, separated by vast stretches of open ocean, have in common. The answer comes as a surprise. It is cuisine known as Nikkei, which is making its mark on the world. Nikkei is a term referring to Japanese people living outside of the country and is extended to include […]

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