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Discovering the Discovery

“In my fantasy garage, there stands a Range Rover, alongside a Mercedes 190 Cosworth 2.3 16v, and a Porsche 911…” Then, what comes around the corner is not a Range Rover, but a deep-blue Land Rover Discovery I’ve just picked up my wheels for a couple of days, a Land Rover Discovery, and my first […]

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A SeXy Little Number

The Mitsibushi ASX is a fine-looking car, but there is more to this mid-sized SUV than just looks, it moves too As we collect the ASX for our test drive, the first striking feature I notice is the deep red paintwork. While this isn’t a big car, relatively speaking, the red finishes it in a […]

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Nothing Outlandish About This Car

The word “outlandish” is defined as “looking or sounding bizarre or unfamiliar. Foreign or alien”. This is not how the Mitsubishi Outlander can be described. With 1.5 million of these vehicles sold worldwide it is, in fact, a very common and easily recognisable car. And what a good-looking car it is. The Outlander available now […]

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Blockchain Fashion Week

The stage is set for the Fall/Winter 18-19 global fashion season to kick-off with the biggest fashion week in Eastern Europe – Kiev Fashion Days. The event has already established a reputation as a world leader for emerging brands, providing these labels with opportunities to increase brand awareness, receive publicity via top fashion media, acquire […]

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Fitness Goals

Battling a beer gut? It’s the traditional time to start thinking a New Year equals a new start. Ideas are easy, however; putting them into practice is where the work begins, and as they say, resolutions are made to be broken. Weight loss and working out feature high on most people’s lists come those first […]

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