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Songstress Breaks Out on her Own

Singer/songwriter Yana Brilitskaya has already made her mark on the Ukrainian music scene as a participant in multiple TV talent shows and as lead vocalist in Celebrity Band. But what about beyond her stage persona? What’s On finds out. What’s On is to meet with Brilitskaya at the popular Ludi:CasualFood in Arena City. She is […]

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The Good GRASS  

Today, more and more Ukrainians tend to buy Ukrainian, driven not only by patriotism but also a desire for quality. And more and more Ukrainian producers claim to produce just that – quality.  The harsh realities of life in Ukraine have forced people to re-evaluate their lives and priorities. That was the case with three […]

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Double Take

They are a dynamic duo but have no need for superhero costumes to turn heads. Identical twins Ivan and Vasyl Kostenko have, in 10 years in Kyiv, carved out their own niche. It helps to be an identical, of course, and has worked as a great springboard, but they are much more than just a […]

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