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Football for Peace in Ukraine

As the World Cup has shown, football is a powerful platform for bringing people together. Can it be used in Ukraine to rebuild ties between war-torn friends and internally-displaced neighbours? Yes. It already is. With nearly half the world’s population – some 3.5 billion people – tuning into the 2018 FIFA World Cup this summer, […]

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On 24 and 26 May, Kyiv will host two of the most important games in European, even world, football – the EUFA Champions League finals! Didn’t manage to land yourself a ticket? No problem. Let us help. First off, some will be wondering why the plural on “finals” – the Champions League final is a […]

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A Test of Will

Thrill-seekers? Daredevils? Masochists? What defines people willing to pay money to roll around in mud, plunge into ice ponds, scale giant walls, and carry heavy sandbags? Humans wishing to test their mettle and push their limits – physical, mental, and, for some, spiritual. Over the past few years, endurance races have boomed to become a […]

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What’s On at the Olympics?

What’s On Reporter Lee Reaney was in Korea to take in all the action for our readers last month. It was his third Olympic Games and we asked him what advice he has for those looking to experience the Olympics for themselves. Here’s what he has to say. Were you one of the many Ukrainian […]

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Girls on Skates, pucker up!

“The Ukrainian women’s national ice hockey team” is a phrase that hasn’t been uttered in a generation. Thanks to the efforts of a few determined women, the idea is closer to reality than ever. It’s been 23 years since Ukraine’s women’s hockey team last skated off the ice, with a 2-0 defeat to Great Britain […]

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Gold is this Lady’s Best Friend

Expectations are high for Kyiv’s Olympic champion biathlete Yuliia Dzhima ahead of next month’s Winter Olympic Games. So how is Ukraine’s best medal hope dealing with the pressure? Most Ukrainian winter athletes would love to be in the enviable position of Kyiv’s Yuliia Dzhima. Already an Olympic champion, the 27-year-old biathlete is one of Ukraine’s […]

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2018 Winter Olympics A Viewer’s Guide

Who to watch, where to watch, when’s it on – here’s your complete guide to Ukraine at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. While events in its northern neighbour have carried the headlines for much of the last year, South Korea will have the world’s focus in February as the world’s best […]

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