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Cat’n’Bat by Sashko Danylenko

Most books are for reading. This one is more for watching and having fun. Still, with visuals inspired by silent comedy and black humour, there is much more to it. Cat’n’Bat is a debut graphic novel by Ukrainian-born New York-based independent filmmaker Sashko Danylenko. He has created a collection of comic strips, each of them […]

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Faculty (Факультет) by Daryna Berezina

They call her Alice of Wonderland – some out of great respect, some out of blatant contempt. She is a makeup-free geek donning a hipster check shirt, unisex jeans, outrageous green shoes and love beads. She writes sophisticated poems and wears a knapsack richly embellished with pendant ornaments and badges. A Salinger fan, she is […]

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Exodus 1974 by Alex Frishberg

‘In summer 1973, my parents sent me to a camp for a month. A 10-year-old boy, I was away from home for the first time ever. When my dad came to visit me on a weekend, he immediately wondered if I had fun there. I told him the truth, “One of the mates called me […]

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The Skull by Oleh Shynkarenko

Where do the origins of the so-called ‘Russian World’ begin? According to The Skull, in a remote Siberian village whose residents are unable to tell reality from fantasy. Their historical consciousness – or rather collective mind – is dominated by an archetypical idea of supporting ‘a righteous fight’ against Russia’s eternal as well as imaginary foes. […]

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Amsterdam – Kyiv. And a Little Bit of Saint Nicholas by Halyna Rys

This story begins at an airport when two suitcases are confused because they are alike. In the best traditions of melodrama, one belongs to a woman, the other – to a man. Who are these strangers whose paths accidentally cross? One character is Torn between her career and her family, Olena from Ternopil harbours a […]

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Andriy Lyubka: One of the greatest happiness I have is the ability to wake up without an alarm clock

~ one of Ukraine’s youngest writers, novelists, poets, translators, and essayists offers us some thoughts ~ I can characterise myself in four words: disciplined, ambitious, self-confident, choleric. If there were a fifth word, it would be “cute”. For many years now I’ve been on the lists of all possible competitions. I even have a wall […]

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Malkuth by Ostap Ukrayinets

  Have you ever heard about the legendary City of the Sun? If so, it is Stanislav (previously part of Poland and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, now known as Ivano-Frankivsk in Western Ukraine). The city was established in the mid-17th century as the citadel of the famous Polish Potocki noble dynasty. Designed by French and Italian architects, Stanislav’s fortress […]

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Home for Dom by Viktoria Amelina

My name is Dominique, Dom – for short. They say, dogs cannot recognise themselves in mirrors. Anyway, I can guess what I look like. I am a nonstandard white poodle. Too tall. With long (not curly) hair that gets easily tangled and fancy pom poms on my legs. The fur on the back of my […]

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