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Celebrated on 19 December, a best-loved holiday for children – St. Nicholas Day, is fast approaching, where good little girls and boys traditionally wake up to gifts laid under their pillows. So as to […]

It wasn’t long ago that one father frost, or “did moroz” in ukraine, was this country’s most cherished holiday character. But as Ukraine moves to define its modern culture as separate and distinct from […]

The magic behind the most wonderful time of the year in Ukraine Nothing reminds us of the upcoming holidays like Christmas carols occupying the airwaves of supermarkets and malls from […]

It’s that time of year again: mulled wine on every street corner, Christmas classics on repeat, and excitement in the air! With Christmas and New Year quickly approaching, there’s no […]

Decorate the tree, play Secret Santa, and watch a few of these forgotten classics filled with holiday cheer for a splendid festive night in. A Christmas Carol (2009, US) Scrooge, […]

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, and there is no better time to get into the long-awaited festive mood, watching Coca-Cola ads for the 100th time, stepping out […]

Here’s a riddle for you: which popular hot drink was originally a sacred substance forbidden to women, before becoming an exclusive treat for royals and aristocrats? Let WO take you […]

New Year is on its way, as are Saint Nicholas Day and Christmas. It’s time to see who’s been naughty or nice and sum up the previous year, with resolutions […]

The end of the year is always a good opportunity for some self-reflection. And if you want to give yourself time and space to think before entering the new decade, […]

While God suggests that Sunday should be a day of rest, it was those clever English who figured out that sipping on Sunday, along side a plethora of foods not […]

Snooze your alarms after the New Year party as many times as you want. We’ve collected the best spots for your midday treat. Bon appétit! Brunch, or as some might […]

The party season can be a tough time for busy city-dwellers, who often face analysis paralysis when trying to choose a salon or beauty bar. But WO has done the […]

Congratulations, you’ve got through another year – time to celebrate! And no one does New Year celebrations quite like the Chinese Every culture has its own way of celebrating the […]

On 21 November, The British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (BUCC), the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, along with the John Hughes Business Club held the John Hughes Memorial Dinner […]

You won’t have to go that far to enjoy a good time, as Kyiv’s Mille Miglia is located in the Radisson on Yaroslaviv Val, which is where TUCC met on […]

The Embassy of Belgium in Kyiv celebrated King’s Day on 18 November with a fabulous concert at the National Philharmonic. A few of the country’s top jazz and pop artists […]

The IWCK Charity Bazaar is known as one of the biggest charity fundraising platforms in the capital, and this year, the 27th annual Bazaar brought together the international community and […]

Radisson Blu Hotel has been announced winner of the B2B Interior of the year in the prestigious V Eastern Europe Real Estate Awards 2019 on 26 November. This is quite […]