Trying to find the right match is like playing Tetris

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Dating apps seem to be the way you date these days, and with so many out there, it can get confusing. Recently or chronically single and in need of a little help? What’s On to the rescue. Single and like dogs? Tin Dog is a great dating app. Have eclectic taste in music and will […]

What's On This Month

A Summer Struggle Dalakian to Defend WBA Title in Kyiv 17 June at 18:00 Parkovy Convention Centre (16A Parkova Doroha) Ukrainian WBA flyweight champion Artem Dalakian (16-0, 11 KOs) will defend his title against Thailand’s Sirichai Thaiyen (50-3-0, 35 KOs) in the open air on the helipad of Kyiv’s Parkovy Convention Centre on 17 June. […]

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Ukraine played with fire recently with good reason. When Ukraine’s security services believed they had credible information on a plot to assassinate Russian journalist Arkadiy Babchenko, they concluded that the only way to save his life was to implement an undercover operation and catch the plotters. The ensuing debate continues to be polarized, with some […]

What's In Focus

On 19-20 May, took place the 10th annual Kyiv Food & Wine Festival at the International Exhibition Centre.  With goals to cultivate Ukrainian wine culture, attendees had the opportunity to try varietals from 32 wineries. Though no additional gimmicks were necessary, those so inclined could took part in an Oyster Battle – a contest to see who could open five molluscs the fastest. There was also the fourth annual Wine Run, a now traditional part of the fest with tastings along the 5km trail and prizes for the best costume! The next event is scheduled for this upcoming October – make sure you’re in town!

june, 2018

25feb(feb 25)8:39 pm10jun(jun 10)8:39 pmEnglish for parents. Sunday special course

17may(may 17)8:22 pm30jun(jun 30)8:22 pmPaintings

18may(may 18)8:27 pm26aug(aug 26)8:27 pmVenezia La Serenissima

19may(may 19)8:10 am02jun(jun 2)8:10 amTime Crater

21may(may 21)8:11 am04jun(jun 4)8:11 amCinder

22may(may 22)8:16 am12jun(jun 12)8:16 amBRITISH THEATRE IN CINEMA

25may(may 25)8:12 am08jun(jun 8)8:12 amDreams of Atlantida

25may(may 25)8:20 pm24jun(jun 24)8:20 pmCafé Lehmitz

29may(may 29)8:23 pm30jun(jun 30)8:23 pmRealism and Reality

30may(may 30)8:23 am03jun(jun 3)8:23 amBook Arsenal

01jun8:37 am03(jun 3)8:37 amCheat Meal: Ulichnaya Eda

02jun(jun 2)8:38 am03(jun 3)8:38 amKyiv Wine

02jun11:50 am11:50 amAlan Abrahams AKA Portable AKA Bodycode (ZA)

06jun10:18 am10:18 amDeep Purple (GB, rock)

06jun12:25 pm12:25 pmIllusions of Love

07jun10:23 am10:23 amMilky Chance (DE, indie, alternative, folk)

07jun12:07 pm12:07 pmReal Man, Real Woman

07jun(jun 7)8:14 pm20(jun 20)8:14 pmExhibition of art works by Ukrainian artists

07jun(jun 7)8:19 pm19(jun 19)8:19 pmGeneration Z

08jun11:51 am11:51 amBalance & James Zabiela

09jun8:40 am8:40 amInternational Festival of Colour

09jun10:25 am10:25 amScarlxrd (GB, hip-hop)

09jun11:52 am11:52 amMESAK (FI) & VERA (DK)

09jun11:59 am11:59 amKyiv Stallions – AFL American Football

09jun(jun 9)8:26 pm22jul(jul 22)8:26 pmNotebook with a Missing Page

13jun12:26 pm12:26 pmLibertine

14jun10:04 am10:04 amSentimental Experience

14jun10:27 am10:27 amDruha Rika (UA, rock)

14jun(jun 14)5:52 pm16(jun 16)5:52 pmBusiness Dinner by Design

14jun8:32 pm8:32 pmMatisse

14jun8:34 pm8:34 pmEnglish Movies in Kinopanorama

14jun8:35 pm8:35 pmTuesday Evenings at Cinema Citi

14jun9:04 pm9:04 pmThe Cancel (experimental, nu jazz)

14jun9:09 pm9:09 pmNemnogo Nervno (dream folk, indie)

15jun10:28 am10:28 amBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club (US, garage rock, alternative)

15jun(jun 15)11:33 am17(jun 17)11:33 amWhite Nights vol. 6

15jun9:03 pm9:03 pmMr No Money Band (IT, blues)

15jun(jun 15)9:13 pm16(jun 16)9:13 pmWhite Nights Vol.6

15jun9:16 pm9:16 pmEast Kultur: Thomas Von Party (CA, electronic)

15jun9:16 pm9:16 pmGroove Operator: Andy Panayi (UK)

16jun8:48 pm8:48 pmChemical Show

16jun9:17 pm9:17 pmTen Walls

16jun9:34 pm9:34 pmKyiv Slavs – AFL American Football

16jun(jun 16)9:41 pm24(jun 24)9:41 pmAccompanist

17jun8:47 pm8:47 pmAdventures of Buratino

17jun9:05 pm9:05 pmBernardt (BE, indie)

17jun9:30 pm9:30 pmDalakian to Defend WBA Title in Kyiv

17jun9:39 pm9:39 pmStories in Tango Style. Tropical Carnival. Premiere

17jun9:41 pm9:41 pmThe House of Yes

18jun(jun 18)8:52 pm24(jun 24)8:52 pmAndriyivskyFest Theatre Festival

19jun(jun 19)8:31 pm05jul(jul 5)8:31 pmBritish Theatre in the Cinema

19jun9:43 pm9:43 pmMalmö Academic Choir and Orchestra 

20jun(jun 20)9:35 pm24(jun 24)9:35 pmOresteia (UA, play)

20jun(jun 20)9:44 pm26(jun 26)9:44 pmJulius Caesar

21jun(jun 21)8:53 pm24(jun 24)8:53 pmBeLive

21jun(jun 21)9:06 pm24(jun 24)9:06 pmBelive Festival (indie, pop, funk)

21jun9:45 pm9:45 pmMariinskyi Park Tales

22jun9:14 pm9:14 pmPromin: Apparat (DE, electronic) & Telefon Tel Aviv (US, electro)

22jun9:18 pm9:18 pmAnniversary Party

22jun(jun 22)9:36 pm23(jun 23)9:36 pmWhen Ferns Bloom (UA, opera and ballet)

22jun9:46 pm9:46 pmHoney Baby. Wild Theatre

23jun(jun 23)8:36 pm24(jun 24)8:36 pmGet Ready to Love Your Mama

23jun8:51 pm8:51 pmKyiv SurfFest Sport & Music Festival

23jun(jun 23)8:54 pm24(jun 24)8:54 pmCharitable Kurazh

23jun8:58 pm8:58 pmSean Nicholas Savage (CA, lo-fi, rock)

23jun9:07 pm9:07 pmMatrang (RU, rap)

23jun9:19 pm9:19 pmMesivo

23jun9:20 pm9:20 pmBoo Williams (US, house)

23jun9:47 pm9:47 pmKyiv Tango Project

24jun(jun 24)8:29 pm15jul(jul 15)8:29 pmExhibition on Screen

25jun9:08 pm9:08 pmSteel Panther (US, glam metal)

26jun9:47 pm9:47 pmI Will Buy You Maldives. Premiere

27jun9:48 pm9:48 pmWith Love, Ukraine

29jun9:10 pm9:10 pmCream Soda (RU, new-age, electro-pop)

29jun9:21 pm9:21 pmVelarium: Randomer (UK, dance), Hodge (UK, Electro), Paleman (UK)

29jun9:21 pm9:21 pmArt Department (CA, electro)

29jun9:22 pm9:22 pmCream Soda

29jun9:49 pm9:49 pmStar Sounds, Cinematic Symphony

30jun4:00 pm10:00 pmBeauty and the Beast

30jun8:50 pm8:50 pmThe Kyiv Frescos

30jun9:11 pm9:11 pmAdam Naas (FR, pop)

30jun9:23 pm9:23 pmConvextion live with DJ Masda (JP)

30jun9:24 pm9:24 pmShooters Cruise to the North Pole

30jun9:38 pm9:38 pmSecond Floor. Us (UA, two one-act ballets)

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