A brave undertaking is creating a buzz as one of Europe’s best music and arts events

What's On the Cover

By the organisers’ own admission, it was a brave undertaking. Yet, as they say, nothing ventured nothing gained and since first taking the risk in 2015, Brave! Factory Festival has grown into a fully-immersive and more than 24-hour underground music and arts event that already is regarded as one of Europe’s best Brave! Factory Festival […]

What's On This Month

Emotional Summer Art exhibition by Oleksandr Yanovych 31 July – 19 August Bilyy Svit (Pushkinska 21) Don’t hesitate to visit this fourth exhibition by young up-and-coming artist – Oleksandr Yanovych. His active and versatile works are the result of what you would expect from a passionate and prolific creator. Look forward to reflecting on the […]

What’s New

Ukraine recently sold 270 million USD worth of short-term bonds, adding much-needed liquidity to the nation’s coffers. The big deal here is that these short-term bonds were placed at a price of just 5.52% annualised return for the three-month bonds, and 5.89% for the six-month version. If we go back just a few years, international […]

What's In Focus

On 8 August, the City Swell complex (Muromets Island) became a venue for a special sports and entertainment event designed to present Active.Borjomi.Com. It is Ukraine’s first online hub focused on varied active leisure options. While bringing together professionals and amateurs, this platform provides plenty of useful information as well as announces themed activities that inspire young people to pursue active pastimes. Now you have a chance to learn about and take part in all aquatic and land-based activities going on in Kyiv – from SUP-surfing and hydro cycles up to horse riding and rope parks.

august, 2018

18may(may 18)8:27 pm26aug(aug 26)8:27 pmVenezia La Serenissima

23jun(jun 23)9:19 pm06jan(jan 6)9:19 pmContemporary art exhibition

05jul(jul 5)4:08 pm19aug(aug 19)4:08 pmThe Modern Newts

21jul(jul 21)9:22 pm11aug(aug 11)9:22 pmBRITISH THEATRE IN CINEMA

24jul(jul 24)4:07 pm08sep(sep 8)4:07 pmLocal time. Episode II. King Lear

29jul(jul 29)4:10 pm26aug(aug 26)4:10 pm27/7

31jul(jul 31)3:58 pm19aug(aug 19)3:58 pmEmotional Summer

02aug(aug 2)4:12 pm25(aug 25)4:12 pmContrasts

03aug(aug 3)9:48 pm05(aug 5)9:48 pmUlichnaya Eda. 5 Years. 5 Senses

03aug(aug 3)9:49 pm05(aug 5)9:49 pmBandershtat Festival, Celebrating Ukrainian Spirit

03aug(aug 3)9:50 pm05(aug 5)9:50 pmHeadliners: Max Barskih, Crazy Town, 5’Nizza, Kazka

03aug10:12 pm10:12 pmClassical Music of Back in the Garden

03aug10:32 pm10:32 pmWicked Bass Party: Kuzma Palkin (RU, dance/electro)

03aug10:33 pm10:33 pmLogic: Deadbeat (CA, ambient)

04aug(aug 4)2:14 pm15(aug 15)2:14 pmUkrainian Streetball League 3x3

04aug9:42 pm9:42 pmColorFest 2018 (UA)

04aug10:49 pm10:49 pmUkrainian Streetball League 3x3

05aug9:37 pm9:37 pmThumbelina

05aug10:14 pm10:14 pmZoe Gilby Band (UK, jazz)

06aug10:15 pm10:15 pmDie Antwoord (ZA, hip-hop)

07aug(aug 7)2:03 pm14(aug 14)2:03 pmDynamo Kyiv – Champions League

08aug5:59 pm5:59 pmDance Like and Egyptian

08aug9:24 pm9:24 pmTHE MAN WHO STOLE BANKSY

09aug(aug 9)1:28 pm29(aug 29)1:28 pmAmy

09aug(aug 9)4:14 pm15(aug 15)4:14 pmThe Bodyline

09aug9:51 pm9:51 pmX-Police Fest Patrol police competition and live music

09aug10:03 pm10:03 pmUVULA (RU, indie)

10aug(aug 10)2:08 pm16sep(sep 16)2:08 pmKlitschko Boxing Tournament

10aug(aug 10)9:53 pm12(aug 12)9:53 pmHeadliners: Lyapis 98, Druga Rika, BoomBox

10aug10:16 pm10:16 pmMeri (alternative, pop)

10aug10:34 pm10:34 pmL8 Park X French: Janeret (FR, dance,/electro)

11aug9:25 pm9:25 pmMATTHEW BOURNE: THE CAR MAN

11aug(aug 11)9:56 pm12(aug 12)9:56 pmAncient Kyiv Ballads Festival of History and Culture

11aug(aug 11)9:57 pm12(aug 12)9:57 pmRap Shmep Yo Kurazh Bazar

14aug(aug 14)6:30 pm16(aug 16)6:30 pmThe Light Shines On

14aug9:38 pm9:38 pmInteractive show for kids

15aug2:04 pm2:04 pmDynamo Kyiv – Ukrainian Premier League

15aug2:13 pm2:13 pmKyiv Stallions – AFL American Football

15aug2:55 pm2:55 pmO.Torvald (pop-rock, alternative)

16aug(aug 16)12:53 pm19(aug 19)12:53 pmKoktebel Jazz Festival

17aug(aug 17)12:55 pm18(aug 18)12:55 pmWhite Nights Vol.7

17aug(aug 17)12:56 pm19(aug 19)12:56 pm100Pudivka Fest

17aug(aug 17)6:03 pm18(aug 18)6:03 pmWhite Nights v7

17aug6:04 pm6:04 pmDiskach

18aug12:58 pm12:58 pmZaporizhzhya Fashion

18aug(aug 18)1:27 pm19(aug 19)1:27 pmThe Meg

18aug(aug 18)2:06 pm15sep(sep 15)2:06 pmArsenal Kyiv – Ukrainian Premier League

18aug3:53 pm3:53 pmIllusion show

18aug6:05 pm6:05 pm3-Year Birthday!

18aug6:07 pm6:07 pmPitbull Battle V

18aug6:09 pm6:09 pmDeepflat Elements

19aug2:10 pm2:10 pmKyiv Patriots – AFL American Football

19aug3:56 pm3:56 pmMasha and the Bear

21aug(aug 21)1:00 pm26(aug 26)1:00 pmFair at Sorochyntsi

21aug(aug 21)1:20 pm11sep(sep 11)1:20 pmBritish Theatre in Cinema

21aug01sepEnglish Movies in Kinopanorama

21aug(aug 21)1:31 pm28(aug 28)1:31 pmTuesday Evenings at Cinema Citi

21aug6:14 pm6:14 pmDance Mix: Wild Dance Party

22aug2:56 pm2:56 pmToo Many Zooz (US, brass house)

23aug(aug 23)1:05 pm26(aug 26)1:05 pmOleksandriya Fairy Show Balloon Festival

23aug2:59 pm2:59 pmGaitana. Te Amo (pop, soul)

23aug3:00 pm3:00 pmLil Xan (US, cloud rap)

24aug(aug 24)12:47 pm26(aug 26)12:47 pmGreat Music, Great Nature, Great People

24aug1:06 pm1:06 pmWorld of Ukrainians Fest

24aug(aug 24)1:08 pm26(aug 26)1:08 pmWer Wolf 2018 – 21st Century Knights

24aug(aug 24)1:10 pm26(aug 26)1:10 pmInternational Mojito Festival

24aug2:15 pm2:15 pmBullhorn of the Nation

24aug2:26 pm2:26 pmBullhorn of the Nation

24aug6:15 pm6:15 pmDop

25aug3:49 pm3:49 pmHelp and Have Fun

25aug(aug 25)6:18 pm26(aug 26)6:18 pmBrave! Factory Festival

26aug1:11 pm1:11 pmSumy Wine Fest Tasting and entertaining programme

26aug2:12 pm2:12 pmKyiv Slavs – AFL American Football

29aug3:03 pm3:03 pmAdam Naas (FR, indie)

29aug6:21 pm6:21 pmBad Girls Party

30aug6:23 pm6:23 pmSalsa Night

31aug(aug 31)12:51 pm02sep(sep 2)12:51 pmNon-stop music and art

31aug3:05 pm3:05 pmImagine Dragons (US, alternative, indie)

31aug6:25 pm6:25 pmL8 Park Legends: Kim Ann Foxman (NY)

31aug6:28 pm6:28 pmDJ Boring (AUS, house)

31aug6:32 pm6:32 pmGet Ready to Bug Out

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