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This month, Kyiv’s best-loved Latin American hotspot marks its 20th year. It’s a feat not many clubs in the Ukrainian capital can boast, and they are celebrating. What started off as a no name café, turned Cuban restaurant in 1998, has become what concert-goers and nightlifers know and love today as the Caribbean Club. Latin […]

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New Age Magic The Illusionists (international, magic production) 7-11 February at 16.00, 18.00, 19.00, and 20.00 Palace Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103) This story began on Broadway with a performance showcasing tricks of the seven greatest wizards on earth. Each of them rivalling Harry Potter, their brain-blowing stunts and sophisticated acts of levitation and disappearance challenge […]

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Headlines and Realities # 1 On 6 February, BBC News carried a story relating to Ukraine. The headline promised revelations on “Potters Bar, Ukraine’s stolen billions, and the Eurovision connection”, which is, well, wow, breathtaking. In reality, the article brings seasoned Ukraine-watchers some old news: “while in office ex-President Yanukovych and his associates stole 40 […]

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Maslenitsa concluded with the Cheesefare Week, which ended on 18 February. In the capital, there were numerous events associated with this celebration and What’s on Kyiv visited one of them in Pyrohiv where celebrations relating to this tradition take place every year. What is Maslenitsa? Maslenitsa is one of the oldest symbolic holiday traditions of Slavic people. It symbolizes winter and the expectation of spring’s arrival. The celebration lasts for a week and ends on Forgiveness Sunday. In the Orthodox Church, the last Sunday before Great Lent – the day on which, at Vespers, Lent is liturgically announced and inaugurated – is called Forgiveness Sunday. On the morning of that Sunday, at the Divine Liturgy, worshippers hear: “If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses…” (Mark 6:14-15). The celebration of Maslenitsa is tied to Easter and begins a week before the Great Lent. Many meals are consumed during celebration. Pancakes are the main traditional dish. Celebration in Pyrohiv Pyrohiv is one of the most popular places for celebrations of Maslenitsa among Kyiv citizens and guests to the capital. There are many street cafes with a variety of pancakes, dumplings, and grilled vegetables on the menu. People also eat grilled meat, but it goes against the tradition. You can participate in various activities: sledding, dragging a rope, throwing snowballs and other contests. Folk groups perform on stage, and continue their songs off-stage. The burning of the stuffed winter effigy is the final stage of festivities. The general atmosphere Arriving here, it immediately turned out to be another dimension. A large number of people in traditional Ukrainian dress and a truly friendly and fun atmosphere. All people became one big family. People at neighbouring tables treat each other, laugh, and participate with each other in contests. We were also treated with pancakes. People about Maslenitsa We talked to people about the meaning of this tradition. For some, it carries a big sense given by ancient traditions. For others, this is a great occasion to spend time with family and introduce children to culture. And for others it is simply an excuse to enjoy delicious food and entertainment.

february, 2018

01dec6:42 pm02feb(feb 2)6:42 pmCharisma of Iran

01dec9:25 pm02feb(feb 2)9:25 pmExhibition of Persian art

07dec(dec 7)2:46 pm04feb(feb 4)2:46 pmVolume of Color

16dec(dec 16)9:25 pm18feb(feb 18)9:25 pmExhibition of artworks by artists from Kharkiv

02jan(jan 2)10:09 pm14feb(feb 14)10:09 pmBiathlon World Cup

13jan(jan 13)8:56 am14feb(feb 14)8:56 amMasquerade Party

17jan(jan 17)12:48 am10feb(feb 10)12:48 amCSKA Kyiv – Ukrainian Men’s SuperLeague Handball

18jan(jan 18)12:48 am15feb(feb 15)12:48 amBudivelnyk Kyiv – Ukrainian SuperLeague Basketball

21jan(jan 21)5:45 pm22feb(feb 22)5:45 pmExhibition of paintings by Anton Popernyak

23jan(jan 23)9:51 pm06feb(feb 6)9:51 pmBritish Theatre in Cinema

25jan01febExhibition of paintings by Mykhaylo Deyak and art-objects by Rudolf Burda (Czech Republic)

27jan(jan 27)3:27 pm23mar(mar 23)3:27 pmExhibition of paintings by Andriy Hladky

30jan(jan 30)9:25 pm13feb(feb 13)9:25 pmCHARLIE CHAPLIN SILENT FILMS & JAZZ PROGRAM

31jan(jan 31)3:16 pm03mar(mar 3)3:16 pmExhibition of works by Mykola Kryvenko

01feb7:01 am7:01 amMost Wanted Show

02feb12:25 am12:25 amVelvet Seasons & The Hearts Of Gold (UK)

02feb7:03 am7:03 amForest Song

03feb12:25 am12:25 amZenker Brothers (DE, break)

03feb12:25 am12:25 amSuper Flu (Monaberry, Germany)

03feb12:25 am12:25 amRay Collins’ HOT CLUB: Juicy Beats Party #7

03feb(feb 3)10:28 pm04(feb 4)10:28 pmAperitif

03feb(feb 3)10:28 pm04(feb 4)10:28 pmRespublicafest Music and Street Art Fest

03feb(feb 3)10:29 pm04(feb 4)10:29 pmKyiv Battle 2018 Crossfit Challenge

03feb(feb 3)10:43 pm08(feb 8)10:43 pmUkrainian Fashion Week FW 18-19

03feb11:01 pm11:01 pmRay Collins Hot-Club (DE, jazz, swing)

07feb(feb 7)6:27 am11(feb 11)6:27 amThe Illusionists (international, magic production)

08feb12:25 am12:25 amCaribbean Jazz Dinner Show: Freedom Jazz

08feb01mar50 shades of Victor Zaretsky

08feb(feb 8)5:45 pm03mar(mar 3)5:45 pmExhibition of media-art by Bayete Ross Smith (US)

08feb(feb 8)5:45 pm11mar(mar 11)5:45 pmUtopia

09feb12:25 am12:25 amAlden Tyrell (NL)

09feb(feb 9)6:31 am10mar(mar 10)6:31 amMarusya Churai (poetic drama, premiere)

09feb11:42 pm11:42 pmYUKO (electropop, folk, house)

10feb12:25 am12:25 amVstavka Techno

10feb12:25 am12:25 amSteve Bug (DE)

10feb12:48 am12:48 amUkraine National Basketball Team – European Championship Qualification

10feb7:05 am7:05 amThe Fourth Sister

10feb11:42 pm11:42 pmNational Selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2018, First Semifinal

10feb11:42 pm11:42 pm4 Positions Of Bruno (RU, electronic)

11feb11:42 pm11:42 pmSHADAZZ, Special guest Edison's Garden (alternative rock, indie)

13feb11:42 pm11:42 pmThomas Anders (DE, pop, eurodance)

14feb12:25 am12:25 amLama

14feb7:08 am7:08 amMusic of Hearts

14feb7:10 am7:10 amLove Stories for Adults

14feb11:00 pm11:00 pmCall of Amore Eve Cornelious (US, jazz)

14feb11:01 pm11:01 pmAmor Apasionado Rico Sanchez (MK, flamenco, gypsy rumba)

14feb11:42 pm11:42 pmMountain Breeze (pop, indie)

15feb(feb 15)4:15 am28(feb 28)4:15 pmGHOSTS (Drama, Theatre)

15feb(feb 15)4:09 pm18(feb 18)4:09 pmTHE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL  (Comedy, Drama, 2014)

15feb(feb 15)4:13 pm14mar(mar 14)4:13 pmEUPHORIA (Drama, Adventure, 2017)

15feb(feb 15)4:17 pm11mar(mar 11)4:17 pmEnglish Movies in Kinopanorama

15feb4:21 pm4:21 pmTuesday Evenings at Cinema Citi

15feb(feb 15)8:25 pm17(feb 17)8:25 pmBudivelnyk Kyiv – Ukrainian SuperLeague Basketball

16feb(feb 16)9:00 pm17(feb 17)9:00 pmRaving for Animal Rights

17feb(feb 17)9:00 am18(feb 18)9:00 pmMaslyana

17feb10:00 am3:57 pmExcursion on the Kyiv city tram + candles master-class

17feb11:00 am1:00 pmPuss in Boots

17feb11:00 am3:41 pmClassical Music for Kids

17feb11:00 am3:49 pmGingerbread House Decoration

17feb(feb 17)1:00 pm18(feb 18)4:02 pmFiery Maslyana

17feb(feb 17)3:31 pm18(feb 18)3:31 pmMaslyana in Ancient Kyiv

17feb7:00 pm10:00 pmLa Bayadera

17feb8:27 pm8:27 pmKyiv Basket – Ukrainian Women’s SuperLeague Basketball

17feb(feb 17)10:00 pm18(feb 18)5:40 pmDJ Crazy Cat 

17feb(feb 17)11:00 pm18(feb 18)5:33 amDoctor Dru Denis Horvat (DE)

17feb(feb 17)11:55 pm18(feb 18)5:00 amKALABRESE & KUMPELORCHESTER (CH, electronica)

17feb(feb 17)11:59 pm18(feb 18)5:41 pmWhoMadeWho (DK)

17feb(feb 17)11:59 pm18(feb 18)5:37 pmRhythm Büro: Oscar Mulero, Varg (live)

18feb5:00 pm7:00 pmDynamo Kyiv – Ukrainian Premier League Football

18feb8:00 pm10:00 pmPoshlaya Molli (indie, pop-punk, alternative)


20feb01marProEnglish Theatre Morning Group. Launching

20feb7:00 pm10:00 pmThe Three Sisters (UA, dance drama, Misanthrope Theatre)

20feb7:07 pm10:00 pmConcert Commemorating The Heavenly Hundred

20feb(feb 20)10:00 pm21(feb 21)5:45 pmSharks of the Old School

21feb7:00 pm10:00 pmInstagram Queens

21feb7:00 pm10:00 pmAccept (DE, heavy metal)

21feb(feb 21)7:00 pm14mar(mar 14)7:00 pmConditionally Released. Lesson in Happiness 

22feb8:05 pm11:00 pmDynamo to face AEK Athens in Europa League Playoffs

23feb8:00 pm10:00 pmBuerak (RU, post-punk, indie-pop)

23feb8:00 pm10:00 pmJoy Division

23feb(feb 23)10:00 pm24(feb 24)5:50 amBest Hits of Queen performed by Beast

23feb(feb 23)10:00 pm24(feb 24)5:00 amDJ V-iceG & DJ Lyoil Kotsar 

23feb(feb 23)10:00 pm24(feb 24)5:00 amDutch DJ Star Visits Ukraine for First Time

23feb(feb 23)11:00 pm24(feb 24)5:56 amDoctor Dru (DE)

23feb(feb 23)11:00 pm24(feb 24)5:47 amStar Wars at Shooters

24feb12:00 am3:53 pmBallet for children

24feb12:00 am3:51 pmMuseum quest for children

24feb(feb 24)10:00 am25(feb 25)8:00 pmHygge at Vsi Svoi

24feb11:00 am10:30 pmMozart Festival (UA, classical music)

24feb(feb 24)5:45 pm13may(may 13)5:45 pmPinchuk Art Centre Prize

24feb6:56 pm6:56 pmPro.Act Fest - play The Cage

24feb7:00 pm9:00 pmCossack Soul

24feb7:00 pm9:00 pmSavage Forever or Defending the Caveman

24feb7:03 pm7:03 pmPro.Act Fest - play Britannica School "Romeo and Juliet"

24feb7:06 pm7:06 pmPro.Act Fest - play Stand Up Comedy

24feb(feb 24)7:08 pm25mar(mar 25)7:08 pmPRO.ACT Fest (first English-speaking theatre festival in Ukraine)

24feb7:10 pm7:10 pmPro.Act Fest - training Acting For Kids with Sasha Shevchenko

24feb7:14 pm7:14 pmPro.Act Fest - training Acting For Life with Tanya Shelepko

24feb7:17 pm7:17 pmPro.Act Fest - play Shakespeare or not Shakespeare

24feb(feb 24)8:33 pm25(feb 25)8:33 pmPro.Act Fest English Language Theatre Festival

24feb(feb 24)8:36 pm25(feb 25)8:36 pmPro.Act Fest - training Impro Workshop with Serge Velichanskyi

24feb(feb 24)10:00 pm25(feb 25)6:01 amAfter Midnight Show feat. NC-17 Show-ballet

25feb7:00 pm9:00 pmVołosi (Pl)

25feb7:20 pm7:20 pmPro.Act Fest - training Acting for Kids with Alex Borovenskiy

25feb7:22 pm7:22 pmPro.Act Fest - play BIS - Le Petit Prince

25feb7:26 pm7:26 pmPro.Act Fest - training Pronunciation Tricks with Kate Zenchenko

25feb7:28 pm7:28 pmPro.Act Fest - English Songs as Poetry

25feb7:38 pm7:38 pmPro.Act Fest - training Casting Tips with Inna Bagoli

25feb7:52 pm7:52 pmHawaii Speaking Club

25feb7:56 pm7:56 pmPro.Act Fest - play Piazzolla. Life in the Rhythm of Tango

25feb8:00 pm8:00 pmPro.Act Fest - play Cripples of Inishmaan

25feb(feb 25)8:39 pm10jun(jun 10)8:39 pmEnglish for parents. Sunday special course

25feb(feb 25)8:42 pm08apr(apr 8)8:42 pmProEnglish Theatre for kids

26feb7:00 pm9:00 pmUkraine National Basketball Team – World Championship Qualification

26feb7:30 pm10:00 pmHed P.E (US, punk rock, rap)

26feb7:30 pm10:00 pmCultural Catalyst

26feb(feb 26)8:44 pm28may(may 28)8:44 pmEnglish Upper-Intermediate with native speaker

28feb(feb 28)5:45 pm08apr(apr 8)5:45 pmExhibition of paintings by Viktor Sydorenko

28feb7:00 pm9:00 pmA Couple of Poor, Polish Speaking Romanians

28feb01marSwiss Graphic Design

28feb(feb 28)8:28 pm14mar(mar 14)8:28 pmCSKA Kyiv – Ukrainian Men’s SuperLeague Handball

28feb(feb 28)8:47 pm27mar(mar 27)8:47 pmEnglish on Shulavka

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