Anna K skyrockets into crypto-land with little more than her edgy style and a new crypto coin that is going to change the way the fashion industry does business.

What's On the Cover

Her designs make quite the fashion wave internationally, and after you check out her creations you’ll know why. Now Anna Karenina, better known as Anna K has her sights set on a bigger goal – turning the fashion industry on its head via blockchain. Six years ago, Anna K made her debut as a designer […]

What's On This Month

CineFIESTA Week of Spanish Films 26 April – 1 May Kiev Cinema www.kievkino.com.ua The Motive (black comedy, 2017) 26 April at 19.30 Álvaro separates from his wife Amanda, an elated best-seller writer, and motivated by her success, makes up his mind to write a great novel. Problem is, he lacks talent and imagination. He figures […]

What’s New

This is, quite literally, two-way good news! Not only are new travel routes opening up to give those of us in Ukraine cheaper ac­cess to the (visa free!) outside world, but we will be seeing ever larger numbers of tourists coming to visit beautiful Kyiv too. Their tourist dollars will be a welcome boost to […]

What's In Focus

In its 45th year, Ukraine’s ultimate April Fools event – Yumorina gathered more than 100 000 people on the streets of Odesa on 1 April in a parade to outdo all previous years’ events! In a nod to The Three Musketeers, the theme for this year’s event – Odesa for all and all for Odesa – paid homage to the multinational hospitality of the city, boasting as it does more than 130 nationalities. The day climaxed with shows on the mainstage featuring League of Laughter and Kvartal 95 among others, with headliners Alekseev and Verka Serduchka stealing the show! With more fabulous events planned in this fabulous seaside city, like Children’s Day on 1 June and Day of Odesa on 2 September – just to name a few! – make sure you get it on your list of places to visit this summer!

april, 2018

23feb01aprOvercoming the Limits of Existence

24feb(feb 24)2:32 pm13may(may 13)2:32 pmPinchuk Art Centre Prize

24feb(feb 24)5:45 pm13may(may 13)5:45 pmPinchuk Art Centre Prize

25feb(feb 25)8:39 pm10jun(jun 10)8:39 pmEnglish for parents. Sunday special course

25feb(feb 25)8:42 pm08apr(apr 8)8:42 pmProEnglish Theatre for kids

26feb(feb 26)8:44 pm28may(may 28)8:44 pmEnglish Upper-Intermediate with native speaker

28feb(feb 28)5:45 pm08apr(apr 8)5:45 pmExhibition of paintings by Viktor Sydorenko

01mar2:30 pm06may(may 6)2:30 pmFlashback. Ukrainian media-art of 90s

01mar2:47 pm13apr(apr 13)2:47 pmAnna Yaroslavna. Comics

01mar5:45 pm06may(may 6)5:45 pmExhibition of media art

02mar(mar 2)2:43 pm03apr(apr 3)2:43 pmXoax

07mar2:28 pm07apr2:28 pmMore than Just Sculpture

10mar(mar 10)8:51 pm31may(may 31)8:51 pmActors skill in English

15mar(mar 15)2:19 pm30apr(apr 30)2:19 pmDa Vinci The Exhibition

15mar3:18 pm15apr3:18 pmEvents in Kiev. Live music

17mar01aprLet's Go Francofonie

17mar01aprVsi Svoi

18mar(mar 18)3:13 pm15apr(apr 15)3:13 pmBOX

18mar(mar 18)4:33 pm15apr(apr 15)4:33 pmTwo for the Seesaw

23mar(mar 23)2:26 pm11apr(apr 11)2:26 pmVoices of Kyiv

24mar(mar 24)2:17 pm09apr(apr 9)2:17 pmIdentity, Interrupted by Ola Rondiak

24mar(mar 24)4:29 pm14apr(apr 14)4:29 pmBrecht in Kyiv

01apr3:28 pm3:28 pmYUMORINA IN ODESSA

01apr7:00 pm02(apr 2)10:00 pmAtlas Acoustic: Bahroma, Epolets, Brunettes Shoot Blondes, Fiolet

01apr7:00 pm9:00 pmHusband for an Hour

02apr(apr 2)11:00 am30(apr 30)7:00 pmExperience Da Vinci

05apr7:00 pm10:00 pmAtomic Simao (space rock, acid jazz)

05apr7:00 pm9:00 pmClassic Grand Ballet

06apr7:00 pm9:00 pmBeyond the Human Voice

07apr11:30 pm3:00 pmRhythm Bureau

07apr11:55 pm4:12 pmJane Fitz (UK)

08apr7:00 pm10:00 pmPharaoh (RU, hip-hop, cloud rap)

09apr7:00 pm10:00 pmHelloween. Pumpkins United (DE, metal)

12apr3:14 pm3:14 pmDISTANT SKY

12apr7:00 pm10:00 pmNazareth (GB, rock)

12apr8:00 pm10:00 pmTeleport to Space

12apr(apr 12)8:01 pm13may(may 13)8:01 pmFashion Show

12apr(apr 12)8:09 pm22(apr 22)8:09 pmSvizhyna

12apr9:00 pm4:13 pmINNA

12apr(apr 12)9:42 pm15(apr 15)9:42 pmRetro Cruise

13apr7:00 pm9:00 pmSecond Love

13apr11:55 pm4:14 pmBaba Stiltz (SE) & DJ Fett Burger (NO)

14apr(apr 14)3:02 pm15(apr 15)3:02 pmKyiv Coffee Festival Vol 4

14apr7:00 pm10:00 pmVivienne Mort (indie, rock)

14apr8:00 pm11:55 pmMov–27: Die Selektion/ Kurs Valüt / Geuxx

14apr(apr 14)10:33 pm20(apr 20)10:33 pmHe shoots, he scores!

15apr(apr 15)8:11 pm25(apr 25)8:11 pmVona

15apr(apr 15)8:13 pm24(apr 24)8:13 pmArcheology of Speedways

15apr8:14 pm8:14 pmMountain Palace

15apr(apr 15)8:15 pm21(apr 21)8:15 pmZoopathy

15apr(apr 15)8:16 pm06may(may 6)8:16 pmFlashback. Ukrainian media-art of 1990s

15apr(apr 15)8:18 pm13may(may 13)8:18 pmPinchuk Art Centre Prize

15apr(apr 15)9:49 pm22(apr 22)9:49 pmYOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE

15apr9:54 pm9:54 pmEnglish Movies in Kinopanorama

15apr9:55 pm9:55 pmTuesday Evenings at Cinema Citi

15apr10:04 pm10:04 pmTherion (SE, symphonic metal)

15apr10:23 pm10:23 pmATOM & TOBIAS live (GE/DE, )

15apr10:35 pm10:35 pmApril Calendar

15apr10:35 pm10:35 pmUkraine’s Schedule

15apr10:36 pm10:36 pmDynamo Kyiv – Ukrainian Cup Football – Semi-Final

15apr10:51 pm10:51 pmThe Fight Club. Full Engagement

16apr(apr 16)8:26 pm22(apr 22)8:26 pmPysanka Art Festival

16apr(apr 16)8:30 pm22(apr 22)8:30 pmChef’s Week

17apr10:44 pm10:44 pmLubomyr Melnyk

18apr(apr 18)8:24 pm21(apr 21)8:24 pmBuratino's Adventures


18apr10:04 pm10:04 pmGhostemane (US, hip-hop)

18apr10:05 pm10:05 pmAbbath (NO, black metal)

18apr10:19 pm10:19 pmGhostemane live (US, hip-hop, rap)

19apr(apr 19)8:19 pm20(apr 20)8:19 pmColorful Games

19apr10:46 pm10:46 pmVienna Spring. Maestro Kurt Schmid

20apr(apr 20)5:21 pm02may(may 2)5:21 pmColour Circle

20apr(apr 20)8:21 pm27may(may 27)8:21 pmTulip Time

20apr(apr 20)8:29 pm24(apr 24)8:29 pmA Moving History

20apr(apr 20)9:35 pm21(apr 21)9:35 pmSport Fest UA

20apr9:57 pm9:57 pmA Shot in the Void

20apr10:01 pm10:01 pmGeorgian Songstress

20apr10:06 pm10:06 pmBoombox (funk rock)

20apr10:07 pm10:07 pmNino Katamadze (GE, soul, jazz)

20apr10:08 pm10:08 pmIngrid Arthur (US, funk, soul)

20apr10:09 pm10:09 pmThomas Mraz (RU, hip-hop)

20apr10:24 pm10:24 pmDJ Iban Mendoza

20apr10:25 pm10:25 pmSalatparty

21apr(apr 21)9:36 pm22(apr 22)9:36 pmVsi Svoi – Your Room

21apr(apr 21)9:37 pm22(apr 22)9:37 pmNova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon

21apr(apr 21)9:38 pm22(apr 22)9:38 pmConnections International Architecture Festival

21apr10:10 pm10:10 pmMachete (pop, rock)

21apr10:11 pm10:11 pmDark Acoustic Festival (rock, indie)

21apr10:25 pm10:25 pmDJ Gel Abril (IL), Get Physical, Suara, Mobilee

21apr10:27 pm10:27 pmVera Brezhneva

21apr10:27 pm10:27 pmAfter Midnight Show with Eric Clapton cover band

21apr10:28 pm10:28 pmAhmet Kilic (TU)

21apr(apr 21)10:42 pm22(apr 22)10:42 pmFor a Noble Cause

21apr10:52 pm10:52 pmSpring Promenade

21apr10:52 pm10:52 pmOrchestra Battle. Live Musical Show

22apr9:40 pm9:40 pmReady to Race Season Opening

22apr9:50 pm9:50 pmDavid Bowie Is

22apr10:11 pm10:11 pmVopli Vidopliassova (rock)

22apr10:12 pm10:12 pmI am waiting for you last summer (RU, indie, post rock)

22apr10:53 pm10:53 pmHamster Saga

22apr10:54 pm10:54 pmLight Souls, Dekru Quartet


25apr(apr 25)9:52 pm29(apr 29)9:52 pmKyiv International Short Film Festival

26apr10:54 pm10:54 pmGay Parade, Wild Theatre

26apr10:55 pm10:55 pmInterstellar Musical Show

27apr10:13 pm10:13 pmScriptonite (RU, rap)

27apr10:29 pm10:29 pmFritz For Funk (DE), Jagervibes21

27apr10:30 pm10:30 pmPolice Control

27apr(apr 27)10:43 pm28(apr 28)10:43 pmHymn to a Woman

28apr8:25 pm8:25 pmFrom Idea to Shape

28apr10:21 pm10:21 pmPortraits Ep.4 with Dixon (GE, house) and DJ Tennis (IT, electronic)

28apr10:30 pm10:30 pmFeel the Drumz: D’N’B Party vol 5

28apr10:39 pm10:39 pm100 Years of Men on Stage

28apr(apr 28)10:56 pm29(apr 29)10:56 pmDance Marathon, 24-Hour Non-Stop

29apr10:14 pm10:14 pmDai dorogu! (BY, rock)

29apr10:31 pm10:31 pmAlex Savage, Ponura, Sasha Zlykh

30apr10:15 pm10:15 pmThirty Seconds to Mars (US, rock, post-grunge)

30apr(apr 30)10:36 pm06may(may 6)10:36 pmTennis – Ukraine Cup 2018

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