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Cocktail Delivery in Ukraine

Cocktail Delivery in Ukraine

Quarantine may still be on but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your evening cocktail!

Quarantine measures have significantly affected the bar industry in Kyiv, but some bars in the capital have started to adapt to the situation by introducing cocktail deliveries! Today we’ll be sharing our favourite cocktail delivery services in Kyiv: 



Bodler was launched by Ukrainian entrepreneurs and was the first service in Kyiv to deliver alcoholic cocktails. They currently have 14 cocktails on the menu – from the classics like margaritas, rum, and whiskey to a range of creamy alcoholic milkshakes with vodka. Cocktails come in 2 sizes: 100 ml (1 portion for 130 UAH) and 700 ml (7 servings for 700 UAH).

The bartenders at Bodler start preparing the cocktail only once you’ve placed the order, so you know it’s always fresh. Cocktails are delivered as soon as possible, and when purchasing more than four small cocktails or one large cocktail, delivery is free (within Kyiv). Delivery across Ukraine is possible and is carried out by Nova Poshta at the expense of the buyer.

Order your cocktail on their website  or Instagram


Kyiv bar Pink Freud delivers not only cocktails but also premium alcohol (wine, whiskey, cognac, rum, tequila, gin, vodka and liqueur) and soft drinks. Free delivery when ordering 720 millilitres or six glasses. And, if you order more than three bottles of alcohol, you receive a package of ice for your cocktails!

Order here


With HVLV you can order lemonades, low-alcoholic drinks, and cocktails. “We don’t want to leave you without your delicious Friday treats. We set up an online bar for that, so you can stock up on cocktails, cider, beer, and lemonade, which will be packed for you with love and will be cooked and delivered to you at home. “The minimum order is 120 UAH, and delivery across Podil is free.

Order on their site


Parovoz Cocktail Courier now also offers cocktail deliveries. The team at Parovos Speakeasy say: “We can no longer leave you without your favourite mixes. That’s why we are launching #ParovozCocktailCourier. Hits and bestsellers at special prices – Gin Garden, Penicillin, Negroni, Boulevardier, Bloody Mary – and each in a Boulevardier dish and Parovoz ICE.” The minimum order is two cocktails and delivery is free within a radius of 1.5 km from the venue; if further, drinks are delivered via taxi. 

Order by phone: 097 598 5775


So as the weather gets colder, stay in and treat yourself to a cocktail delivery! There are plenty of services to choose from, all offering delicious concoctions that are sure to warm up your evening. We would also like to remind you that the quarantine is still ongoing and precautions should not be neglected! If possible, avoid large crowds – this can save you and your loved ones.


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