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Top 5 New Series to Watch this Autumn

Top 5 New Series to Watch this Autumn

Be TV-ready as the colder weather sets in!


“What to watch?” is the key question this year. Since COVID-19 continues to spread and quarantine measures are only getting tougher, it is very important to be prepared to spend more time at home. To do this, it is worth stocking up in advance with a list of TV shows that will save us from the inevitable autumn depression and brighten up those long winter evenings.

  1. Ratched

The series Ratched tells the backstory of one of the main characters from the novel by Ken Kesey and the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – the account of the ratched sister. The series portrays how an ordinary nurse progressively turns into the monster that we know from the book and the film. The title role stars Emmy and Golden Globe winner Sarah Paulson.

  1. The Outsider

A series based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King – a clever mixture of thriller, horror, and detective genres. A gloomy small town, a brutal murder, helpless police, and a series of unexplainable events gives rise to the possibility that something unworldly is going on. The Outsider is associated with the series Mr. Mercedes, which is also based on one of King’s novels.

  1. Avenue 5

This show takes place in the future, where space travel has become a reality. A group of passengers are enjoying gourmet snacks and expensive drinks when their spaceship suddenly breaks down. Now, they are completely alone, without help, and far from Earth – watch as they attempt to return home!

  1. High Fidelity

Twenty years ago, the film of the same name, based on the novel by Nick Hornby, was released. In the center of the plot is Rob, a music lover obsessed with his hobby, having a hard time breaking up with a girl and trying to figure out what he did wrong.

This year, the film is transformed into a television series, in the form of a British mini-series, and there’s a few twists. In the series, Rob isn’t a boy, but a young woman who is the owner of a small record store in Brooklyn. The heroine also just broke up with her boyfriend and is trying to sort out her relationships and mistakes with the help of her main passion – pop culture and music.

  1. New Pope

One of the best Italian directors Paolo Sorrentino released the very successful project “Young Pope” in 2016. In the center of the plot was a young and eccentric pontiff from America, Lenny Belardo. The series ended quite unexpectedly; in the finale, the main character falls into a coma.

The story continues in the “New Pope” series, in which the Vatican has found a replacement for the Pope – Englishman John Brannox. However, Lenny Belardo unexpectedly wakes up from his coma. Everyone is confused as an epic confrontation between the two Popes builds up.


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