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Peizazhna Sculpture Alley

Peizazhna Sculpture Alley

You`ve definitely seen a huge 30-meter mosaic of cat with many legs on Peizazhna Alley in Kyiv. Any person visiting Kyiv takes a photo in the mouth of this amazing sculpture. Alice in Wonderland characters, Little Prince and many other charming sculptures, fountains, and benches bring us into the fairy tale. Beloved by tourists and locals art objects were designed in 2009 by Konstantin Skretutsky

Peizazhna alley is a park created in 1980 as a part of a big project “Ancient Kyiv”. Standing on the site of Old Kyiv (Ukrainian: Старий Київ) alley provides magnificent views of Podil and the Dnieper. You can see the same landscapes which were stretching before the ancient dwellers of Kyivan Rus. 

In May 2011, Kyiv Fashion Park project decorated Peizazhna Sculpture Alley by 17 art objects: benches in the shape of lips, eyes, swings, and watermelon, sculptures of The Love River and The Rainbow. They were created by famous Ukrainian artists: Alexander Alexeev, Nazar Bilyk, designers Alexey Zalevsky, Andre Tan, and many others.

You may stroll around Andriyivskyy Descent and the Museum of the History of Ukraine and come down Velyka Zhytomyrska Street 8B to see the bright and unique alley in the very heart of Kyiv.

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