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Vyshyvanka For Barbie

Vyshyvanka For Barbie

We’ve all fancied ourselves Barbie fashion designers at least once during our childhood, making what could hardly be considered clothing out of scraps of fabric found lying around the house. This Ukrainian artist has taken it to the next level designing beautiful national outfits for the most famous doll in the world.. 

A fine arts teacher from Prykarpattia, Oksana Vasyliv creates exquisite Ukrainian national clothes with leather decorations for Barbie dolls. She made the first doll’s outfit with her pupils several years ago for a competition. She says the idea came to her spontaneously while thinking of creative lesson plans. 

The process of creating small pieces of clothing is not easy. First, Oksana makes a sketch. Then, she prepares the form and the required fabric. The next step is to pattern the leather parts and cut out the pieces of fabric and leather. The final stage is decoration: wreaths, necklaces, earrings, and other lovely accessories. 

The artist says that she looks for inspiration in Ukrainian culture and art. Nowadays, Oksana’s collection counts about 20 thousand Barbies that she designed. The creation of a doll outfit requires a day or even more. 

Take a look at these wonderful clothing items that convert the American Barbie doll into a true Ukrainian.


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