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Kazkovyi Yar – a Fairy Ravine

Kazkovyi Yar – a Fairy Ravine

Did summer fail to satisfy your wanderlust? Check out this amazing venue that might do the trick. 

This natural miracle is often called the Kyiv Carpathians, or a Ukrainian New Zealand, as the landscapes look like breathtaking settings from The Lord of the Rings. The ravine is so magnificent that people started to call it kazkovyi, which means fairy. Located near the road that connects Vasylkiv and Velyka Buhaivka, Kazkovyi Yar is close to Kyiv by car. 

The ravine area in the Vasylkiv Rayon (district) is about 416 hectares, which means this only a small part of the river activity in the area. Kazkovyi Yar attracts visitors from all over Ukraine, people come to take photos, shoot films and even music videos. Photos do not properly convey its size, the height of its slopes is about 10 meters. 

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