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Gongadze: Death for Truth

Gongadze: Death for Truth

Ukrainians have always been known for their dedication to freedom, independence, and truth. Two decades ago a fearless Ukrainian journalist, Georgiy Gongadze, gave his life for the freedom of expression. For the anniversary of his abduction on 16 September, the Ukrainian government unveiled a memorial plaque on the building of the National Union of Journalists. 

The plaque, made by sculptor Vasyl Markush, depicts Gongadze`s face and contains his verbal description inscribed in the shape of the letter “Г”, as his name and surname start with this letter in Ukrainian. You can read that he was “a prominent journalist, activist, founder and chief editor of Ukraine`s first online news outlet, Ukrainska Pravda, who was abducted and murdered for his work.”

To commemorate Georgiy Gongadze`s death, his colleagues made a film “Gongadze’s Murder: 20 Years in Search of Truth” which was presented on 17 September. Georgiy Gongadze was a true patriot of Ukraine and it may be perfectly illustrated by his words: “I`m Georgian, but if it’s necessary, I can die for Ukraine.” 

To see the plaque, go to Khreshchatyk 27A.


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