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The Best Ways to Celebrate this Independence Day

The Best Ways to Celebrate this Independence Day

There’s a lot of reasons and ways to celebrate Independence in Kyiv. What’s On have put together a comprehensive list of options. There’s something for everyone!

Celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day in Kyiv

Soon Ukraine will celebrate its Independence Day. A day that marked the beginning of a new nation, with its own culture, people, and sovereignty. Given the extensive history of Ukraine, there is a lot to celebrate. Luckily, there are many ways to do so, with several events being held across Kyiv. As always, safety is our top priority so don’t forget to respect social distancing rules and wear your mask! 


  • Open air cinema in Shevchenko Park


In the capital’s Shevchenko Park, there is a summer cinema where you can watch the best of Ukrainian films, every day. Viewings start at 20:30. The event is held in compliance with sanitary standards and social distancing.

When: Every day till 15 September at 20:30

Where: Taras Shevchenko park 

Price: FREE


  • March of the defenders of Ukraine. 


In response to a cancelled military parade in 2019, the association of veterans of Ukraine made their own. The parade, made up of all people who defended Ukraine, starts at 9:00 in Shevchenko park and will walk to Maidan Nezaleznosty. A few simple rules to follow: no political party symbols, transparency,  and respect. 

When: 24 August 9-00 

Where: Taras Shevchenko park

Price: FREE


  • Classical Music Picnic 


Kyivians have already fallen in love with the picnic of classical music but this year it will be held in a special format. More than six outstanding Ukrainian musical orchestras, in particular, the National Honoured Academic Capella of Ukraine “Dumka”, the National Academic Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, the Lviv National Philharmonic and others have recorded open-air performances.

The concert will be broadcasted on Independence Day on the big screen in Taras Shevchenko Park, on the official Facebook page and on the websites of the event partners. Viewing in Shevchenko Park will be held in compliance with social distancing and mask rules.

When: 24 August 19:00 

Where: Taras Shevchenko park

Price: FREE 


  • Marathon in Vyshyvanka 


An annual bright and festive event – a race in embroidered shirts at ВДНГ. This event is loved by both professional athletes and amateur runners, as well as children. The length of the course varies from a mere 100 m for the smallest of runners, to a exhausting 21.1 km for experienced athletes. Pre-registration is required.

When: 24 August 8:00 

Where:  ВДНГ

Price:  Adult(any distance) 500 UAH
Children- FREE


  • Independence Day concert featuring BRO! Fest: GREEN GRAY, VV, Scriabin, YURCASH and others


A member of the Green Gray Dizel group, who came up with a new format of concerts – Vertical concerts, gathers legendary Ukrainian groups, who are almost the same age as Ukrainian independence, namely – Green Gray, BB, Skryabin, YURCASH, Tabula Rasa, DJ Tolya Mіsachnі Tranboni and others. The big Independence Day concert will last six hours.

 When 24 August 17:00 

Where Hotel complex “Bratislava” 

Price 449-1499UAH 


  • Flower Gardens in Spivoche Pole


This favourite selfie spot will bloom once more, just in time for Independence day. Over 300 thousand flowers were planted for the event. You can see and take pictures with the flower sculptures of Angry Birds, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Aladdin, Jasmine and the Genie, Mickey Mouse, the team of Minions, magic fairies, Shrek and other heroes(and ogres) of famous cartoons. The organisers have also prepared active entertainment and master classes for children and adults. Don’t miss it!

When Any time before 13 september 

Where  Spivoche pole 

Price 25-100 UAH


  • Holiday Folk Art Fair


The Ivan Gonchar Museum will traditionally host a folk-art festival on Independence Day. Craftsmen from different parts of Ukraine will present their best products. Embroiderers, weavers, potters, spoon-makers, toy makers, wood, leather and vine craftsmen will demonstrate traditional crafts and skills.

When: 24-25 August at 11/00 

Where: courtyard of the Museum. I. Gonchara, st. Lavrskaya, 19

Price: FREE admission, participation in the master class – 100 UAH

There are many options so make sure you plan accordingly and don’t miss out on any of the activities. Happy Independence Ukraine!


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