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5’NIZZA: 20 years together

5’NIZZA: 20 years together

Twenty years ago, the musical duo 5’nizza was created, becoming a fast favourite of millions of people with unforgettable lyrics and iconic guitar riffs. Andriy Zaporozhets and Serhiy Babkin met in Kharkiv in the mid-1990s, and in 2000 formed the duo 5’nizza. During their career, they released two albums, “Friday” (2005) and “O5” (2007).

Like many bands,  during the process of recording their third official album in 2007, the opinions and desires of Serhiy Babkin and Andriy Zaporozhets diverged. Initially, they planned to diversify the sound by adding one instrument to each song on the album. But things didn’t go as planned when the team got together and started experimenting. The first songs included the entire band and the guitar (and guitarist Serhiy Babkin) faded into the background. This contradicted the initial concept of the group and it was decided that 5’Nizza would remain in history as an acoustic duo with only two albums. The new material became a solo project for Andriy Zaporozhets, thus bringing about the end of the band in 2007 due to creative differences.

Andriy Zaporozhets started working on another project called SunSay, where he was looking for a new sound and experimenting a lot. At that time, Serhiy Babkin was acting in the theater as well as pursuing a solo career.

In the spring of 2015, the duo returned, releasing the music video “I Believe In You” and played sold-out concerts in Ukraine. In 2017, the third album of the duo “KU” was released. 5’nizza continued to periodically give concerts in Ukraine and perform at local festivals, and in 2018 played on Sziget. Since then, the duo has hardly performed, with group members dedicating their time to solo projects once again.

That makes this a unique opportunity to  enjoy your favorite hits live once again! The concert will take place on 25 September at the open area of the Parkovy Exhibition Center. Ticket prices are from 650 to 1700 UAH.


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