A Dialogue of Cultures

15 June 2018

Imago Mundi is a collection of artwork by more than 25 000 artists from around the world, featured in Trieste, Italy, this year from 29 May to 2 September. It’s been assembled by Luciano Benetton with an aim to globalise contemporary art and promote the spread of cultural heritage to future generations in the hopes that we may better understand all peoples through art.
Featuring works from more than 150 countries, regions, and native communities, this year is especially significant for Ukraine as the collection brings together 140 pieces by both established and emerging local artists in a sub-collection called, Ukraine: Short Stories. Contemporary Artists from Ukraine.
Imago Mundi can be compared to a map that brings together pieces of different cultures, with every single artwork measuring 10×12 cm. Though each piece is unique in its own right, it then becomes part of an overall mosaic, contributing to this idea of linking and intertwining in a necessary dialogue.
Ukrainian artists Illya Chichkan, Oleksandr Roitburd, Andriy Sydorenko, and Vlada Ralko are among those representing Ukraine.

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