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A “Nothingburger”

A “Nothingburger”

Russia obviously has relevance to Ukraine, what with them having invaded and occupied 7% of Ukraine and everything. Recently the Glorious Leader, he of the 80+% approval ratings who’s afraid of public debate and peaceful protest, had his 65th birthday and that provided a corker of a story.

According to a report by Ruptly (a branch of the RT propaganda network), a restaurant in New York – Lucy’s Cantina Royal, dedicate a special menu item to Vladimir Vladimirovych every year “for about the last three years” on his birthday. The “Putin burger” weighs in at 1,952 grams, because 1952 was the year of the eternal President’s birth. Apparently, if you could finish it within an hour it was free. Only thing is, like much of the content of this network, it was fact free.

The restaurant has never had such a special. Restaurant staff explained that a waitress on their staff lied to them about filming a special project for school. Ruptly has since removed the video. No doubt some consumers of their “news” will have bought the story and believe that Vladimir is, indeed, widely loved and revered as a great leader as the clip tried to pretend. In Ukraine, we know different.

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