A #warmFurgoneta on Baseina 13

15 February 2018

If you were walking along Baseina Street on 26 January, you might have noticed something unusual. National artist Pavlo Zibrov was singing his hit songs while cooking his signature Zibrembo burger, a show which hipster city-dwellers were not going to miss. It was, indeed, a good way to celebrate the opening of this new street food spot.
In fact, Furgoneta is not a newcomer to the Kyiv street food map. For the past five years, the order and run option has been serving quick and easy street food, featuring burgers, egg and rice noodles, and rice.
Alla Ovsiannikova, the founder of Furgoneta, says, she wanted to bring a tasty, high-quality, and really fast food to citizens. What makes Furgoneta even more classy, are the branded Furgoneta trucks the food is made in and served from. In fact, that is how the name Furgoneta was born. In both Ukrainian and Russian, ‘furgon’ means truck, so the eatery name arose as a result of simple wordplay.
Notwithstanding the simple and сatchy name, Furgoneta signature recipes are far from simple: chef Valerii Pasichnyk continues to work on the eatery’s menu, creating flavourful сombinations. To ensure there is no disparity between the two city locations or the delivery service, the team launched their own kitchen-factory for preparing handmade ready-to-cook ingredients. It goes without saying that all burgers, noodles, and rice come with savory sauces made up with the freshest local viands. The Furgoneta menu also covers vegetarian options like noodles and rice with egg, broccoli, green beans, Сhinese cabbage, peanuts, sesame seeds, and garlic dressing.
Along with hot food, Furgoneta warms their guests up with four different cocktails-to-go.


Why #warmFurgoneta? The diner at Baseina 13 is the first indoor Furgoneta. However, the team decided not to stray from the “mobile food” concept, and they somehow managed to get a food truck in the new venue. How? Well, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. See you at Furgoneta!

Eat Zibrembo and do good!
All funds from Zibrembo burger sales are donated to the “Життєлюб” charity foundation.

Antonovycha 51/9
Baseina 13
Open: 10.00 – 21.00
Tel.: +38 050 149 8999
FB: furgoneta.official

Delivery: +
Wifi: +
English-speaking staff +
WO Rating *****

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