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Cocktail Week

Cocktail Week


Hrushevskoho 3a

  1. Champagne Twist (rum, caramel syrup, prosecco) – 150 ml
  2. Gingerhead (rum, amaro montenegro, cinnamon syrup, cocktail cherry, bamboo leaf) – 200 ml
  3. Sour Rabbit (Finlandia Lime, passion fruit syrup, lemon fresh, protein, apple juice, mint) – 210 ml
  4. Redberry (Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, amaretto, strawberry puree, lemon fresh) – 120 ml


Velyka Vasylkivska, 13/1

  1. Ilma Sitruuna (Finlandia Vodka, elderberry syrup, sugar syrup, fresh grapefruit, lemon fresh juice, fresh lemon grass, easy foam) – 145 ml
  2. Guandong Sour (rum, aperol, sugar syrup, lychee liqueur, cocoa bitter, easy foam) – 115 ml
  3. Fucking Peach Tea (Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, Peach Liqueur, Apricot Brandy, smoked tea) – 90 ml
  4. Shag (gin infused with black elderberry, bitter, amaro di angostura, fernet branca, maraschino) – 100 ml


Antonovycha 81

  1. TikTonic (Finlandia Lime, Pineapple Cordial, Almond Syrup, Tiki Bitter, Tonic) – 210 ml
  2. Rock Candy (whiskey infused with butter, amaretto disaronno, rock candy syrup, lemon, zephyr bitter, easy foam) – 120 ml
  3. Last Summer (Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, aperol infused with strawberries, fernet branca) – 90 ml
  4. Neverland (Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, banana liqueur, salted caramel syrup, angostura, cream, ice cream sundae) – 170 ml


Fedorova 6а

  1. Apple Pie (Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, Homemade Apple Cordial, Honey, Lemon Fresh, Protein, Salt) – 350 ml
  2. Matcha Tea (Finlandia Lime, almond milk, almond liqueur, sugar syrup, matcha, sage) – 160 ml
  3. Salty Tiffani (Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, Riga Balsam, condensed milk, salt) – 160 ml
  4. Georgian soul (Finlandia Lime, lemon fresh, sugar syrup, raspberry syrup, pomegranate sauce, protein, cilantro) – 350 ml


Mykhaylivska 15

  1. Winter 1 (Carpathian Calvados, Amaro Averna, Angostura Bitter) – 90 ml
  2. Winter 2 (Finlandia Vodka, infused on Zubrovka grass, apple fresh, sugar syrup, ginger, pear cider) – 195 ml
  3. Winter 3 (Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, infused in toffee, lemon juice, almond syrup, easy foam) – 100 ml
  4. Winter 4 (gin infused with mandarins, elderberry syrup, lemon juice, easy foam) – 100 ml


Klovskyi spusk 13

  1. Strudel (Finlandia Vodka, apple sauce, soy milk) – 150 ml
  2. Amaro de cassis (Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, Amaro Montenegro, Homemade Lavender Syrup, Black Currant Soda, Albumin) – 350 ml
  3. Paris Rendezvous (gin, lychee liqueur, aperitif lille, rose soda) – 350 ml
  4. Coconut Fench (Finlandia Grapefruit, coconut puree, sparkling wine) – 150 ml


Mechnykova 14/1

  1. Mango Invasion (Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, mango, cinnamon, tiki bitter) – 90 ml
  2. Green Street (Finlandia Lime, green tea sorbet, rhubarb bitter) – 80 ml
  3. Lightly Golden Barrel Aged (a cocktail of golden spiced rum, red vermouth and cherry beatter, aged in oak barrels made of bourbon using the Solera system) – 45 ml
  4. Henry Barrel Aged (a cocktail of dark spiced rum, aperol, red vermouth, aged in oak barrels of sherry according to the Solera system) – 45 ml


Velyka Vasylkivska 48

  1. Asian Mule (Finlandia Vodka, homemade ginger ale, Vietnamese herbs, tiki bitter) – 85 ml
  2. Hà Nội Sauer (Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, self-made hibiscus syrup, protein, lime, bitter) – 110 ml
  3. Hugo-Bubble (prosecco, branded mint-elder sorbet, special secret ingredient) – 155 ml
  4. XXI Century (gin, branded gold bitter, elder liqueur) – 75 ml


Mykhaylivska 21b

  1. Boulevardier (Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, Campari, Vermouth Antika) – 180 ml
  2. Northern Lights (Finlandia Vodka, sparkling wine, honey, mandarin) – 150 ml
  3. Champagne cocktail (brandy, sparkling wine) – 150 ml
  4. Kir Royal (currant liqueur, sparkling wine) – 150 ml


Sahaydachnogo 10/5a

  1. Old Fashioned No. 7 (Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, Angostura Bitter, Soda, Cane Sugar) – 200 ml
  2. Salted Espresso Martini (Finlandia Vodka, kalua, espresso, sugar syrup, salted caramel) – 100 ml
  3. White Russian Bob (Finlandia Vodka, kvass syrup, cream infused with tonka bean) – 200 ml
  4. Caribbean Sour (a mixture of rums, raspberries, sweet and sour mix, easy foam) – 200 ml


Sahaydachnogo, 10/5a

Entrée: Rolls with salmon and soft cheese – 200 g
Main course: Saucepan rapanov in cream sauce – 200 g
Cocktail: Grapefruit Sour (Finlandia Grapefruit, aperol, fresh grapefruit, lemon fresh, sugar syrup) – 150 ml


Khreshchatyk 7/11

Set for two persons
Entrée: Camembert Breaded – 150 g
Main course: Ronald’s Hot-Dog (milk sausage, pesto sauce, mini mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, microgreen) – 220 g
Cheese Hot-Dog (milk sausage, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, pickled salsa, fountain cheese) – 250 g
2 Coctails: Pierce’s (Finlandia Vodka, espresso, kalua, vanilla syrup) – 110 ml


Saksahanskogo 13/42

Entrée: Salmon tartar with avocado and miso butter – 160 g
Main course: Shrimp patties with rice and zucchini with pineapple-chili sauce – 220 g
Cocktail: Ladies’ Man (Finlandia Vodka, vermouth, almond liqueur, lemon, blackberry) – 140 ml


Khreshchatyk ½

Entrée: Bruschetta quartet with salmon and cream cheese, mozzarella and tomatoes, shrimps and avocado cream, basturma and pink tomatoes – 200 g
Main course: Sea bass fillet with braised Brussels sprouts and beet carpaccio – 250 g
Cocktail: Grapefruit Symphony (Finlandia Grapefruit, aperol, lemon juice, banana liqueur, sugar syrup, salt water, sower mix) – 150 ml
+ a sweet compliment from the restaurant for all of Resto Week guests


Volodymyrska 92/39

Entrée: Set of Georgian appetizers: Eggplant jigits; phali mix; tsitsak with cheese shor – 170 g
Main course: Lula kebab set: lamb; from turkey and cheese; potato – 300 g
1 Cocktail: Hot – Gamahare (Finlandia Vodka, red pomegranate half dry wine, pomegranate juice, grenadine syrup, espresso, cinnamon stick) – 430 ml
Cold – Ice Baku (Finlandia Vodka, pomegranate juice, grenadine syrup, egg white, triple-sec liqueur) – 200 ml


Dmytrivska 62/20

Entrée: Dorado Ceviche with Passion Fruit Sauce – 160 g
Main course: Shrimp on a pillow of vegetables – 270 g
Cocktail: Mango sour (Finlandia Vodka, mango puree, lime, protein) – 120 ml


Heroiv Stalingradu prospekt 14g

Entrée: Smoked Salmon and Avocado Salad – 270 g
Main course: Veal Medallions with Truffle Sauce – 130/100/70 g
Cocktail: Desire (Finlandia Vodka, black currant puree, citrus mix, brandy-apricot liqueur, vanilla, dried apricots) – 125 ml


Revutskogo 2

Entrée: Canapé with prosciutto, cream cheese and mango chutney – 200 g;
Baked beet carpaccio with marinated tuna on a cushion of rice – 200 g
Main course: Teriyaki duckling with apple gratin and sweet potato puree – 500 g
Cocktail: Bazilio (Finladia Vodka, coconut syrup, passion fruit syrup, lime fresh juice, pineapple juice, fresh basil, protein) – 200 ml


Chabany, Pokrovska 162 (7km Kyiv-Odessa road)

Entrée: 2 Baked Oysters
Main course: Lamb stew with vegetables and spicy beans – 300 g
1 Cocktail: Bloody Mary (Finlandia Vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Tabasco, Worcester sauce, pepper, celery) – 270 ml
non-alcoholic cocktail Sangritos (tomato juice, orange juice, Tabasco, pepper, salt) – 200 ml
Set for 4 peesons: 8 baked oysters and leg of lamb with sauce (2 kg) + 4 cocktails = 1200 uah


Veluka Vasylkivska 114

Set for two persons
Entrée: A tasting plate of cheese from a cheese factory (Imeretinsky, Suluguni, Imeretinsky with dill, Suluguni with mint) – 160 g
Main course: Chashushuli (spicy veal stew with tomatoes) – 300 g
Chkmeruli (chicken in creamy garlic sauce) – 250 g
2 cocktails: Finlandia Cranberry (Finlandia Cranberry, cranberry juice, cranberry, mint) – 200 ml


Dmytrivska 39, Dniprovska Naberezhna 14k

Version 1
Entrée: Oyster Ceviche and Baked Oyster
Main course: Lobster soup (served with matzo and ruy sauce) – 250 g
Cocktail: Olive Martini (Finlandia Vodka, infused with olives, lemon, agave syrup, oyster sauce, Tabasco) – 100 ml

Version 2
A set of oysters:
Atlantic No. 0 – 1 piece
Grevelingen No. 2 – 1 piece
St. Patrick number 2 – 1 pc
St. Vast Speciale No. 1 – 1 piece
Flat Oyster No. 2 – 1 piece
Amazing Speciale No. 2 – 1 piece
Cocktail: Bloody Oyster Mary (Finlandia Vodka, infused with lobster, oyster, honey, lemon, sherry, sangrita, tomato juice, Vorchester, tabasco, celery bitter, garlic, pepper, olive, fresh celery, cherry tomato) – 250 ml


Pushkinska 20

Oyster Set:
Beauty Jolie number 2 – 2 pieces
Suprem de Premier number 3 – 3 pieces
Cocktail: Hot Finnish guy (Finlandia Vodka, lemon fresh, ginger juice, lime honey) – 100 ml


Knyazhiy Zaton 16d, Melnykova 83а, Yaroslavska 5/2, Drahomanova 6/1, Preobrazhenska 7

Version 1
Oyster Set:
Fin de Claire number 2 – 1 piece
Fine de Premier №1 – 1 piece
Chernomorochka №3 – 1 pc
Irish savage number 3 – 1 piece
Saint Patrick №2 – 1 piece
Fin de Claire number 0 – 1 pc
Cocktail: Finlandia Vodka with homemade tomato juice and oyster French finger – 40 ml

Version 2
Set oysters for two: French finger №3 – 12 pcs with wine sauce
2 cocktails: Finlandia Sour (Finlandia Vodka, egg white, lemon fresh, sugar syrup, angostura, orange peel) – 110 ml

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