Coffee Break

Vitalina Makorevych
15 February 2018

Drinking coffee and grabbing a bite to eat has ceased to be just meeting a physical need for those that need a pick-me-up in the morning or throughout the day. It is becoming more of a culture thing in Kyiv that brings the city closer to the same café customs of Europe.
Every café tries to create a unique atmosphere, a varied menu and interesting interior. Places where you don’t just drink coffee, but also can see the works of Ukrainian designers or even buy them, read books, try on a new pair of boots, or get closer to the world of flora are in trend. We suggest you get acquainted with a few establishments that offer more than just a shot of caffeine.

Хармс (Kharms)
A café-bookshop, you can buy books and read them here. Books about design and art are a specialty on the bookshelves themselves and vinyl records, which line the walls, add a special charm. Quite spacious, the café has a great atmosphere for both work and leisure, so you feel comfortable and can concentrate on work or communicate with friends without worrying someone will disturb you. For musicians and fans of live music there is a piano in the café and anyone can tinkle the ivories. And, if you are lucky, you will meet the elusive cat Eliot who lives here.
House of Scientists
(Volodymyrska 45A)
Open: 10.00-22.00
FB absurdbooks

A great place for connoisseurs of beautiful shoes and accessories, this is a store and café combined. Here you can choose a pair of shoes, and between trying them you can sip on coffee. The café is located on the first floor of a two-storey shop, and even if you aren’t going to get a new pair of shoes, this is a great place to meet friends or work in peace on your laptop. The interior is minimalistic, but there is a lot of greenery. A beautiful element to the interior is a wide sweeping staircase, which visitors often use for posing for photos. (English menu available).
(V Vasylkivska 14)
Open: Monday-Friday at 08.00-21.00, Saturday-Sunday at 10.00-21.00
FB Kachorovska.atelier

Цветочная лавка (Flower shop)
If you are tired of winter find relief in this place on Saksahanskoho, where you will find a café/flower shop combo, and as they say in the café, this institution is “the place to be to lose some time”, as it is very convenient for visitors to buy flowers and have a snack here. When you visit you will forget about everything for just a moment and lose yourself in the lush greenery and colorful blooms. Here the flora is not only in pots, but also on the walls, tables, ceiling, and even along the bar. The café opened quite recently, but has already won the hearts of clientele. You are unlikely to find a table without making a reservation.
(Saksahanskoho 13/42)
Open: 10.00-22.00
FB cvetochnaya.lavka.kiev

Finch Coffee
Not just a café, but also a shop, where you can buy everything you need for making coffee at home. In addition, here you can also earn the “coffee certificate”, because the café also has its own school – Fair Finch. It was previously all housed under one roof, but now the school is in a different location. One of the features of the coffee house is a unique coffee machine, made of ceramic, which was ordered specially. By the way, there are only two of these unique machines in Ukraine: one in this café, and the other at the school. (English menu available).
(Dehtiarna 5)
Open: 10.00-21.00https://www.facebook.com/fairfinch

Dip is a new small and cozy café with friendly staff and a great assortment of tasty nibbles. Sound just like any other café? Wrong. You can sip on delicious coffee while buying designer clothes here. What’s more, the walls are adorned with paintings that can also be bought. This is an ideal place for coffee and art lovers. (English menu available).(Vozdvizhenskaya 34)
Open: Monday-Friday at 09.30-21.00, Saturday-Sunday at 10.00-1.00
FB DipCollaboration

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