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Fashion Trends for Spring

Fashion Trends for Spring

Trends in fashion are always in flux. They come, they go, they come back and are just as quickly abandoned for something new.
This upcoming season the 80s, nostalgic prints, feminine features, and futuristic accessories are back in style. Luckily, you don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe to stay ahead of the fashion game. Adding a few of these pieces to your spring oeuvre will ensure you’re in keeping with those on the street, the trendsetters, and the catwalk queens.

The Classic Check
For the umpteenth time, designers have rethunk the classic check print. Check suits, blazers, and shorts are the No.1 must-have this season. Сomplement your tailored jacket with a belt for a real wow effect.

Pastel Shades
Lilac, light blue, and lavender materials are hitting the stage this spring. Feel free to mix all shades and go pastel from head-to-toe. You have assurances from both Victoria Beckham and Chanel that no one will blame you for looking like an ice cream cone.

Bold Colors
Saturated colors promise to conquer any outfit that may otherwise be blah. Even lovers of black have nowhere to hide: as one of the trendiest colours this season, you may need to make friends with garish pink!

The Beige Trench
Every spring, the classic Burberry trench returns. This beige showpiece has long since been a classic and looks good with just about anything.
(PS – they can be found in Kyiv at Helen Marlen

Sheer Fabrics
Designers are increasingly looking to incorporate transparent fabrics into their designs. Be bold, be daring – let the sheer shine.

Daring Sequins
Sequins are officially back, something you can thank Versace for. Other iconic trends from the 80s that you may not be ready for include disco glam and shoulder pads…

Multiple Bags
Trendsetters have finally figured out a problem most girls face when going out: how to get all their stuff into one favorite clutch? The answer: grab a roomy handbag along with your small purse. Keep in mind straw and belt bags will certainly be among the hottest accessories this spring.

Futuristic Eyewear
Adding a pair of bold frames to any outfit is almost always the right thing to do. The iconic looks by George Keburia get our vote. It would seem that Neo knew far more than just the existence of the Matrix. PS – they can be found in Kyiv at Hello Glasses (Vozdvyzhenska 9-19).

Geometric Heels
Young designer Simon Porte Jacquemus has reinvented the heel, with his idea to incorporate geometric shapes and designs. Other designers too have taken their cue and are experimenting.
(PS – find your perfect pair online at

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