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Folk-Inspired Musicians to Check Out

Folk-Inspired Musicians to Check Out

Ukrainian music today is a lot more than a polka band with an accordion — though that’s great too. Many artists are getting more experimental with their music by combining traditional folk music with modern beats or rapping about everyday life in Ukraine, something not as common in the hip-hop scene, which is full of lyrics about drugs, alcohol, and other vices.

Former kindergarten teacher @alyona.alyona.official is arguably the most popular rapper in Ukraine. She sings about everyday Ukrainian life, bullying, and body positivity, sometimes done with a hint of humour, which is also evident on her social media pages.
Listen to: Дикі танці

Yulia Yarina and Stas Koroliov make up @yukoUA. The band combines Ukrainian folk songs, collected by folklorists and Yulia, with EDM, creating a genre of its own.
Listen to: Vesnianka

Here’s a fun past time: Try to keep up with @alinapashofficial’s rapping. Her music, a mix of hip-hop and electronica, is also influenced by traditional Ukrainian folk songs.
Listen to: Bitanga

Nata Zhyzhchenko learned about folk music and instruments from her grandfather, inspiring the name of @onuka.official, which means granddaughter. The band meshes together folk and electronic music. If you’re typically not one for electronic music, give Onuka a shot — it’s easy to listen to but still creative and captivating.
Listen to: Vidlik

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