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Get a Taste for These Food-Inspired Landmarks Around Ukraine

Get a Taste for These Food-Inspired Landmarks Around Ukraine

Tired of your typical historical statues and monuments? We have some alternative choices for you to seek out: Statues dedicated to our favourite thing, Food. These local delicacies immortalised in stone(or metals) will give you a bit of  background on the region’s agriculture and history. 


The biggest watermelon at Osokorovka village, Khersonska Oblast

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Watermelon means summer and Kherson oblast is considered to be the motherland of the sweetest and tastiest Ukrainian watermelons. Since it’s so important, it makes sense that they’d create a giant one to celebrate it. It is impossible to miss this landmark on the T0403 highway. The metal watermelon of 3,5 meters high is located on the concrete pedestal of at least 1,5 meters. How can you miss a 5 meter watermelon? The sign is always brightly painted with signature green and red colors. If you’re passing through, make sure you stop and take a photo. It even had its moment of stardom when it appeared in the Ukrainian feature Volcano, directed by Roman Bondarchuk.


Nizhyn Pickle in Nizhyn, Chernihiv Oblast

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That’s right, we’re talking about a statue dedicated to pickles. Made from Italian green stone laid on top of a wooden jar to represent the brining process, this statue has a story to go with it. Apparently, while travelling around Ukraine, Ekateryna II tried jarred Nizhyn crunchy pickles and adored them. It was love at first bite. She ordered a supply for her royal household and from that time Nizhyn became a famous type of pickle.  It’s no surprise that pickles from the Chernihiv region are widely represented in the supermarket around Ukraine and adored by pickle lovers around the world. In fact, the Nizhyn cucumber seeds are used in over 70 countries. 


Monument to Derun in Korosten, Zhytomyr Oblast

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The Derun (aka potato pancake) monument is made from granite derived from the Zhytomyr region. It was opened to the public during the Second International Festival of Derun back in 2009. (Yes, there is an entire festival dedicated to potato pancakes and we are also wondering why we have never been). It’s held every September at Drevlianskyi City Park in Korosten. You can enjoy deruns with various fillings and toppings.  Book your tickets and visit the event of the year for potato pancakes lovers.


Pig the Savior in Romny, Sumska Oblast

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This shiny golden concrete monument to a pig was opened during the first national festival of Humor “Lovers of Lard” on the 1st of April in 2000. The monument celebrates pigs and was based on the fact that pork was an important historical food item. During the archeological digging of the settling of Tatar yoke times, many pig bones have been found. That was the sign that locals ate pork as it was the only food left after the invasions of Tatar Yoke. So the monumental inscription says “From the grateful Ukrainians” 

So, if you’re a lover of food and weird statues, it seems like a road trip may be in order. Note: we don’t recommend trying to eat the statues, it may be bad for your teeth.

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