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It’s almost summer, but no time for sadness. People are dressing lighter and looking for inspiration to put that extra flesh on show to good use. And what better way to achieve that than to get some ink etched into your skin?

Tattoos are no longer the thing you do to rebel against your parents. They are the hippest, hottest, and nearly the most permanent way to demonstrate your style, your look on life, or, for some, a drunk night out. Regardless, tattoos, literally, are here to stay.

Maybe you are more or less sure about the design you want and why you need a tattoo. So where to go? Private tattoo-ist or tattoo parlour? There are a host of tattoo parlours in Kyiv. Yet there are also some talented artists who work from home. Most of the latter describe the work in parlours as more of a produc-tion line and if you want to get a more personal approach, it is difficult because the time is booked by appointment. On the other hand, people who are working from home have to work on their custom-er base harder and may not have a wholly sterile environment to start with.
There are plenty of guidelines along with tons of information available online, so as long as you stay safe and ask questions, all should be fine. Just make sure you do your research!

Tattoos are not a novelty in our world. In tribal cultures people went under needle and ink to mark important events in their lives (marriage, adulthood, falling in love).

Still don’t know what to leave as a perma-nent mark on your skin? Check out the best examples in Ukraine at this month’s International Tattoo Collection Festival 2019. Almost all of the tattooists featured work in the most reputable parlours, and many have a proven reputation in the tattoo sphere already. But there are some new faces too, and for proof this art knows no age meet Odesa artist (Insta) evaju8. Her first real tattoo work was on her dad and from there she’s continued to soar!

In some Asian countries, tattoos are still uncommon or may cause some uneasy situations. For example, in Japan you may be forbidden to visit a public bathhouse or onsen (hot spring) if your tattoo is visible.

Does it Hurt?
Yes, it does. It is a needle penetrating your skin, duh. But please-please, don’t use painkillers without consulting your artist. First of all, local anesthetics may cause swelling and that will lead to some ugly tattoos. Second of all, it isn’t the best deci-sion to come high to your tattooist. The more sure you are in your decision, the less pain you will feel.

It is a myth that a tattoo is etched totally under the skin. Actually the ink is mostly situated in the dermis, that is right under the epidermis, and good tattooists spend years training to place the needle and ink at just the right level.

How to Pick a Tattooist?
Check out their portfolio! Make sure that they work in a style you want and then ask them to help develop the right design for you. It is always nice to have a clear vision of what you’d like to get ahead of time!

What to Get?
You know, there are three types of people: ones getting inked because they enjoy art, ones getting a tattoo because of some spe-cial meaning, and those that will regret it. Do your research so as not to fall in that last category. A great place to start is at Interna-tional Tattoo Collection Festival 2019.

15th International Tattoo Collection Festival 2019
17-19 May 9:00

Tattoo Collection Kyiv (Glushkova 1)
160 – 320 UAH
Social media: tattoocollectionkiev

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