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Getting a Haircut in Ukraine: A Hairy Situation

Getting a Haircut in Ukraine: A Hairy Situation

There’s nothing better than the feeling of a fresh haircut, and nothing worse than a bad one. It’s something that can easily make or break your day. And as we all know, there can be a very slight degree of separation between the two extremes; a hair of separation, if you will.


The good, the bad, and the ugly

Without a good haircut, I am nothing. All of my accomplishments – wiped away. The common fears run through my head as I approach the salon: “Will I even know myself when I leave? Am I too young to sell pickles on the streets? Did I tell my family I love them?”

A picture is worth a thousand words

I go in hoping for the best, mentally preparing for the worst (I look good in hats, right? Do I have a hat?), and expecting to land somewhere in between. When it’s time to describe the haircut I want, I let pictures do the talking. I can’t risk any mistakes by speaking a foreign language that I’m still trying to grasp. My throat tightens and I need something to drink. I ask for something strong. All they have is tea.

Tips for your Tresses

Keep it simple: Describe exactly what you want and bring pictures of a style you are trying to imitate.

Check the reviews: A quick search on Google can save you from a bad cut and bad customer service.

Plan ahead: If you’re desperate for a cut don’t risk a walk in. Set an appointment to secure a spot.

It’s about letting go

The moment has come and I have now entrusted all two inches of my precious locks to the haircutting master. We are on a first name basis but I forget his name when the clippers turn on. Nothing else in my life is important or relevant. I close my eyes. A few minutes in, the clippers cut in and out, losing power. It’s as if the haircut gods are playing some sick joke. I close my eyes tighter. I never thought this would be the way I go.

The result

About 45 minutes later, I come to. I wiggle my toes: I’m alive. My reflection comes into focus. I reach up and touch the top of my hair. The hairspray crunches beneath my hand. The sides of my head are shaved nearly to the scalp. I love it. I want to kiss everyone in the salon. I don’t have to quit my job, and my fingers are dialing my family overseas, “I love you.”

Possibly Interesting Salons to Try

Benjamin Group
Velyka Vasylkivska 31/17
Go here for an average-priced haircut and colour for men, women, and children. Open 7 days a week.

Tommy Gun Barbershop
Lva Tolstoho 39, Pushkinska 8
A great place for men, and chicks with short dos, at a reasonable price.
Open 7 days a week.

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