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Happy Europe Day!

Happy Europe Day!

Europe Day is a symbol of the launch of a new successful model of peaceful cooperation between states, based on common values ​​and interests. For many Ukrainians, Europe is what we strive for, and Europe Day is a special day.

Since ancient times, Ukraine has been a full-fledged and integral part of the European community, a large family united by progressive democratic views. This day is a great occasion to reaffirm Ukraine’s desire to live in peace and harmony, to build its future among the countries of a united Europe.

Since 2003, on the third Saturday of May, Ukraine has been celebrating Europe Day in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 339/2003 of 19 April 2003. In 2020, Europe Day in Ukraine falls on May 16.

Usually, Europe Day is celebrated in many cities and towns through concerts and performances. People from various European communities in Ukraine tell Ukrainians about life in Europe and the history and culture of other countries.

This year, which marks the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Schuman Declaration, is celebrated online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The European Union is stronger together, and together we will overcome this crisis. This is the message of unity and solidarity we want to convey through a series of events that we and our delegations around the world have prepared for you”, said the organisers, inviting all EU citizens to immerse themselves from home in cultural and informational online events. 

See the event schedule at

Let us remember that Europe does not begin abroad but in the heart of each of us.

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