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How to Fly With UIA

How to Fly With UIA

In this ‘new’ COVID-19 world, many activities that once seemed so mundane have become very different. In fact, it can be intimidating to do things we used to be so used to, like air travel. 

As air travel was one of the primary reasons for the rapid spread of the virus, airlines have been forced to adapt to ensure not only the health and safety of you and your fellow travelers, but also the health and safety of the populations on the routes it serves. So, what does flying with UIA look like in these strange new times?

Before You Go:

Know Your Destination

UIA will not fly to destinations with a high-risk level. Additionally, services to countries where Ukrainians are not allowed to visit (i.e. Schengen Zone) have been severely limited or canceled altogether. You should be aware of not only the entry requirements, but also of quarantine restrictions on arrival. You could be asked to prove you will self-quarantine on arrival.

Triple Check

Much like routes and destinations change on a week-to-week basis, so too do health and safety rules and guidelines – both in Ukraine and at your destination. Be sure to regularly check for governmental travel updates and for updates from UIA on its Facebook page. Also, arrive early to the airport, as social distancing norms can make lineups even longer. 


At The Airport:

Sidewalk So-Long’s

Only passengers are allowed in the terminal. Your family and friends will have to say goodbye before you enter the building.

If You Feel Sick, Don’t Take the Trip

Do not travel if you have any symptoms of sickness. All passengers and their belongings will be checked upon entry into the terminal. Passengers with fever or symptoms will be denied entry. If you feel sick or are showing symptoms, just get a note from your doctor and UIA will be happy to reissue you a new ticket or cancel your ticket, free of charge.

Masks Are Our Friends

All airport and airline staff are required to wear masks. So are all passengers – so, don’t forget to bring yours! Children under 2 are exempt. Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth at all times. If you have a medical condition, you are required to provide a note from your doctor and contact the airline in advance. 

Clean Airport

All airport surfaces are regularly cleaned and sanitised. Hand sanitising stations are found throughout the airport. Duty free shops and lounges have also been equipped to meet new sanitary norms. Meals and drinks are served in individual disposable packaging. Payment should be made through cards, rather than cash.


In The Air:

Clean Flights

You will have your temperature checked again before boarding. The aircraft will have already been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. You will have to wear your mask the entire flight (just like the aircraft crew) and you will not be permitted to change seats. Meals and drinks are served in individual, sealed packaging. Note that there will be no in-flight magazine, so be sure to bring something to read!

Socially Distanced in the Sky

Passengers are expected to keep social distance of 1.5 – 2 metres whenever possible. You are asked to refrain from moving on the aircraft except when necessary. Lineups near bathrooms are not allowed.

Take Quarantining Seriously

Be sure to know the rules and regulations of self-quarantining when you arrive. You can face major fines and even jail time for disregarding them. Be aware that you will also need to self-quarantine when you return.

So, from all of us at What’s On Kyiv – happy travels and stay safe!


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