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IKEA Comes to Ukraine!

IKEA Comes to Ukraine!

The Swedish furniture manufacturer @IKEA is preparing to launch online sales in Ukraine. The Ukrainian version of the site ( is starting to fill up with goods. So far, you can find decorations, storage bins, child safety products for the home, and gardening accessories. Prices are in hryvnias.

You can’t make purchases yet, but a banner on the website says Ukrainians will have this opportunity very soon.

In September 2018, IKEA announced its plans to open a store in Ukraine in 2019. Later, this plan was updated, saying first an e-commerce store would open in 2020. 

Recently, Ukrainian media reported that IKEA would enter the local market as soon as the quarantine restrictions ended. But @InterfaxUkraine said that Florian Mellet, the head of IKEA in Ukraine, officially denied the information. 

Instead, Ukrainians can expect the online store to open within the coming days. Delivery will be available throughout Ukraine. Delivery cost will be known after the launch of sales.

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