Making a Splash this Summer 

Nina Bohush
14 July 2018

Even though summer is already halfway behind us, city stores are still swimming in swimwear. So even if you’ve postponed pre-vacation shopping to the last minute, that doesn’t mean you won’t find exactly what you are looking for. If you think the swimsuit you already have won’t suffice, let us help.
Had a hard time searching for the perfectly fitting bikini? What’s On looks at five thoroughly modern Ukrainian brands creating chic, comfortable, and high-quality women’s swimwear to boost your beach appeal.

Inspired by nature and feminine beauty, three friends from Kyiv launched a swimwear brand that is now known far beyond Ukraine. U-R-SO (“You are so…”) creates hard-wearing yet chic swim-denim for sport and leisure. The mono-brand stands for comfortable swimming and a seamless relationship between suits and their owners, so every piece is manufactured from quality Italian and French fabric.
Girls on the WO team are one click away from ordering this mind-blowing red one-piece with zipper in bulk.
Where to find
Instagram: @urso_garment
TSUM (Khreschatyk 38/2, 3rd floor)
Open: 10.00 to 22.00

FORSEA is a young Ukrainian brand that combines resort culture with sophisticated simplicity. Its summer’18 collection carries white, red, and black waterproof suits designed in many different variations. Come to find high waisted two-pieces, supportive bras, and smart one-pieces with cutout details.
A little advice from WO: accessorise FORSEA retro style bottoms with cat-eye sunglasses for the ultimate 50s look.
Where to find
Instagram: @the_forsea

If you’re searching for a multifunctional suit for wakeboarding, aquafit, or even yoga, Kotovich is the swimwear to try. Founded by two sisters in Odesa, the brand combines comfort with pure aesthetics. Kotovich produces soft basic swimwear coloured with natural dyes. The sisters go beyond swimwear design and, in addition to elegant swimsuits, produce linen suits and robes to cover up under the sun.
Where to find
Instagram: @kotovich_lingerie
Odesa (Katerynynska 7)
Open: 11.00 to 21.00

Flirt & Tan
Flirting and tanning in two-pieces made with daring creativity and featuring floral prints guarantees fabulous leisure almost anywhere. The icing on the cake is the brand’s exclusive collection for girlie pool parties. So gather your G-squad, put on Flirt & Tan, and have a ball!
Where to find
Instagram: @flirt_and_tan
Flirt & Tan Showroom (Mechnikova 16, 4th floor)
Open: 10.30 to 20.00 

PLAZH to go
Feeling nostalgic for the 90s? Try on any of the bright one-piece suits from the PLAZH to go brand. A flirty piece with a low-cut back will draw attention to the bust. Another good reason to have a PLAZH to go one-piece is it will turn you into a veritable Cindy Crawford, who literally inspired the label’s designers to emulate the hottest beach outfits from the 90s. Both the PLAZH to go name and the brand’s bold swimwear remind us that the only place to survive summer is on the beach.
Where to find
Instagram: @plazh.to.go
TSUM (Khreschatyk 38, 3rd floor)
Open: 10.00 to 22.00
Vsi.Svoi (Khreschatyk 27, 2nd floor)
Open: 10.00 to 22.00
Osobnyak (Kozhumiatska 12g)
Open: 12.00 to 20.00

Now you know where to find stunning women’s swimwear for navigating the summer in comfort and style. Promise us you won’t forget to accessorise any of your beach outfits with a fruit cocktail and a smile for making a real splash wherever you are.

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