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Music Videos Filmed in Kyiv Worth Watching

Music Videos Filmed in Kyiv Worth Watching

Have you ever been watching a music video and recognized Kyiv in the background? We have one of the most iconic cities to film in and artists love to take advantage of that. Check out these five music videos featuring your very own city as a backdrop.


Five Music Videos Featuring Kyiv as a Backdrop

Kyiv is a memorable city; Once you’ve visited it, you’ll never forget it. Neither can these world famous singers who have decided to use Kyiv’s stunning views as a setting for their music videos. You may recognize popular streets, bridges, or even metro stations in clips from artists like Miley Cyrus, Coldplay and Twenty One Pilots. 

Why is filming in Kyiv so popular? It may be because of the unique and extravagant architecture, but also because it’s relatively cheap and easy to get permission to film here. What’s On suggests 5 music videos to check out. See if you can spot Kyiv in the background and watch popular stars stand in places you may pass everyday.


  • Twenty One Pilots – “Nico and the Niners”

Last summer, American rock band Twenty One Pilots released three videos: “Jumpsuit”, “Nico and the Niners” and “Levitate”. The second clip was partially filmed in Kyiv. You will notice the cybernetics building belonging to the  Taras Shevchenko National University in the video. You can understand why, this building looks like a UFO and it’s otherworldly aspect perfectly suits the video’s atmosphere. Ukrainian production company Radioactive film was involved in the shooting process. Check out the video here!


  • Zayn – “Flames”   

British singer Zayn chose Kyiv as the backdrop for his video “Flames”. You may recognize several landmarks including the unfinished Darnytsia Railway Station, the Vernadsky National Library, and Pozniaky area, namely the high-rise buildings. The video for the song, which he recorded with singer Jungleboi and DJ R3HAB, was filmed in autumn over two days. The video also featured masks made by the Ukrainian art studio Bob Basset. Watch the unforgettable video here.


  • Hurts – “Wings” and “Beautiful Ones”

If you haven’t heard of the duet Hurts and watched their clip “Wings”, check out their video to see these very recognizable locations in the capital: Pushcha-Vodytsia sanatorium, October Palace, and Budynok Kino. Hurts are frequent guests of the capital and you may also recognize Kyiv landmarks in the clip “Beautiful Ones”. This music video was assisted by the Ukrainian production company Radioactive film as well.


  • OrelSan — “Tout va bien” and “Basique”

French rap singer OrelSan also decided to film his music videos in Kyiv.
The music video for the song “Tout va bien ” celebrates Troyeshchyna areas and Poshtova Square, and In the video “Basique”, you can see the Podilsko-Voskresenskyi Bridge. A popular artist in French music, the song placed 10th place in the French music charts. Great to see our city getting international exposure.

Watch the videos for “Tout va bien” and “Basique” 


  • NCT – “Boss”

The South Korean boy-band NCT chose the opulent Vernadsky National Library building for the filming of the music video “Boss”. The winter garden and exquisite interior design served a perfect setting for the clip. They also filmed in the well-known abandoned bus park №7. Several Ukrainian models participated in the filming. Check it out and enjoy your beautiful city.

We should be proud of our amazing capital and the international recognition it gets through these video clips.  It’s great to see out fabulous city showcased in such a positive light.


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